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After its defeat at the hands of Urek Mazino and Baam, it appeared that there is a red entity that went inside of Baam's body. After White, at his prime, purposefully displayed the full extent of how he uses the power of souls to create his blade, Baam was quickly able to replicate it's effects successfully, impressing White, and then form a bow, with which a single arrow was able to teleport everyone in the Cage to save them from the 4th Corps Flagship's explosion. Position Source(s): Digital comics in LINE Webtoon, updated every Sunday. We will get to see more Viole in the upcoming season of Tower of God. However, it is later revealed that it is the water of the tank in which the test was held had Shinsu-enhancing properties which gave Baam a significant boost in power. Even being sent to the past and meeting people who seem familiar to him won’t matter later. It was later confirmed, that the Blue Thryssa is not actually a fake power like what Baam believed, when Hell Joe who was merged with Red Thryssa's power, felt the power of the Blue Thryssa inside Baam's body and feared of its presence. If Baam told Ha Jinsung that he was done being a slayer candidate and that he was going to climb the tower just to find Rachel, Ha would have immediately killed his friends and might have even killed Rachel. Upon using the Thorn, Baam proved powerful enough to damage Kallavan, a feat that Karaka, a High Ranker and Slayer of FUG, was not able to achieve, with Kallavan noting that Baam has the potential to threaten Zahard in the future. Baam is supposed to be a big change in the tower and in his party he has a genocidal maniac (White), a former slaver (Kaiser), and an owner of a brutal fight club (Yama). Hell he was actually born inside the tower which in a way that could be viewed as the old baam or past baam, so in a way that version of himself was just a regular within the tower, then after he’s killed and taken to the outside by Arlene and resurrected he then became a official irregular in his “second” life. He is a best friend of Twenty-Fifth Baam, one of the main protagonists of Tower of God. [71] After their battle, a data version of adult Zahard appeared and threatened to kill Baam, causing the second thorn fragment to activate and drag Baam out of the Hidden Floor. If you are a big fan of Tower of God, or you are reading the Webtoon. 스물다섯번째 밤 (Seumooldahseotbeonjjae Bahm) That being said, enjoy! I just thought of this randomly but since Arlene had baam a long time ago and then baam was killed, isn't he technically older than most of the other ppl in the tower, since the 10 families and jahad all climbed, then Arlene had baam soon after, wouldn't that mean he would be much older than he is presented in the story? No one knows how old Bam is but it’s logical to assume that he is 13-18 years old. 二十五日 の 夜 (Nijūgonichi no Yoru) Current Status Great Charisma: Baam has shown quiet yet charismatic qualities that attract most people to him, regardless of his involvement with FUG. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1, Episode 2 of Tower of God, "Three Four-Hundredths," streaming now on Crunchyroll. At first, Quant taught Baam about this technique only to give false hope to Baam in saving Rachel's life who was under Ho's threat, just for a brief moment while he rushes to take down the spear bearers first. By the 70th floor he will probably already surpass Jinsung ha. Well, from all of the information and the new information we gained from the latest chapter, Anne learned of events that happened before all of that. Baam has no idea of its true identity nor how to utilize it upon command. The idea that villains are so easily forgiven and welcomed into the fold of Baam's party. Before Rachel saved Bam, Bam was trapped on the floor of death. During the battle with Gado, Baam was able to transform parts of his body into the Red Thryssa like Hell Joe. baam tower of god age. We all know this is true. It is said he was the first person to form a contract with a Guardian of the Tower.. $22.95. [73] During the battle of the Last Station, Baam used both thorns to attack Kallavan.[74]. The boy who would become Twenty-Fifth Baam was born on the 43rd Floor of the Tower. At first, Baam was capable of using the soul's power on several occasions to strengthen his other power, like when he increased the offensive power of the Shinwonryu on the final battle against Hell Joe at the floor of death, but the only technique derived from this power was the Technique Replication of Arie Hoaqin's swordsmanship which used the medium of a shinsu sword created from the hatred of the souls. Baam now has completely grasped the knowledge about bomb devices. Series. The Fake Thorn is a container that was prepared to hold the real Thorn and was used to summon and bind it to Baam. Are Viole Tower of God and Baam the Same Person? seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. 0 Kudos 25th Baam (Tower of God) vs Shirou Emiya (F/SN) RegisNex1232. Baam also becomes friends with Khun and Rak who then make a team together. In Part II, Baam's mastery of the technique has increased to the point that the reverse-flow was so powerful that it not only froze Yeon Yihwa, but also the shinsu around her. He was trained by a High Ranker from the Ha Family, Ha Jinsung, although it is unknown what schools or types of arts he was taught by him. 180cm++ [4]168cm (Part I)[5] Jyu Viole Grace(Twenty-Fifth Baam) 19/ago/2017 - mitakur5 encontrou este Pin. [50] Baam used this technique in a shinsu strengthening test to gain a score of just over 134,000, breaking a part of the machine in the process and scoring five times as much as the person ranked after him. 1: Eternal Life: Characters gifted with this type of immortality cannot die from natural causes, such as old age or conventional illness, but can be killed by unnatural causes. So, let’s begin with our list for the top 10 strongest characters in Tower of God. That is, of Arlene Grace giving birth (or creating/bringing to the tower, since birth is only implied) to Baam. Trending Questions. It was strong enough to cause Data Zahard's fist to bleed. Zahard conquered the Tower with the Great Warriors and gained the control of the first 134 Floors from the Floor Guardians. Two episodes into Tower of God's first season leaves us none the … According to the Blue Thryssa, his power is the power that can bring Baam quickly straight to the top of the tower, to become a god-like being. Haikyuu Chapter 403 Release Date Revealed? Both had similar personalities when they started in the tower, as well as tremendous growth in strength. Digital comics in LINE Webtoon, updated every Sunday. It originally began as a Webtoon manhwa by Korean writer and artist, SIU, in 2010 (an English translation came in 2014), but now Tower of God has found new life as an anime in 2020; the first of the Crunchyroll Originals. Join. [21] He entirely overpowered the Regulars on the 20th Floor and has accomplished many feats that are far above the capabilities of an E-rank Regular. A long-metallic tail is added onto the sword and it was able to destroy a powerful weapon of a Ranker. It is none other than Baam. How can you be so useless? After igniting the Thorn, Baam was able to cleanly cut off Gado's leg after hitting his weak spot. Hell Joe was so shocked as to why Baam has such power inside him, he said that the Blue Thryssa's power is equal to the power of the Guardian. [76] This was confirmed when Baam and Hockney went to the inner part of 43rd Floor, which requires the person to be stripped of their soul by Soul Devourers and becoming the 'dead'. This shows that he could be able to manipulate at least three Lighthouses, although how much Xia Xia helped him is up for debate. [94]Baam commented to Horyang that it was implanted within him by FUG when he was first recruited; apparently, it was well hidden in the water tank on the 2nd Floor. During the Hell Train arc at the Rice Pot Training with the God of the Guardian, Baam was able to meet with the Blue Thryssa for the first time. This barrier is strong enough to defend against an attack like Zahard's Golden Needle. By Hannah Collins Apr 08, 2020. Посмотрите больше идей на темы «башня, бог, аниме». When Soul Devourers tried to take Baam's soul, they end up pulling a line of souls out of his body instead. This gives onlookers the impression that shinsu is enveloping the entire area in Baam's vicinity, appearing as though Baam is in control of the entire space. ?F - Hell Train: Training (7), Vol.2 Ch.296: ? While much of Baam's past remains shrouded in mystery, a number of details have been revealed about his origins. Ranker is the title bestowed upon those who have reached the 134th floor of the Tower.There are several divisions in the ranker system, with the top 10% known as Advanced Ranker and the top 1% as High Ranker.. Because Quant knew that Fast Skip normally takes decades to learn, even for a Ranker and it's impossible to learn it in such a short time. When the White's Final Clone was impressed by Baam's determination of "not to sacrificed other people", she decided to grant Baam part of the several billion vengeful souls that made up her being. [69][70], While on the Hidden Floor, Baam completed his "Revolution" with the help of Khun Eduan (Data) in preparation for his battle with the data of young Zahard. Hating his name, Baam that Rachel gives him. Favorit . baam, tower of god anime quote : One of the lessons I have learned from the many battles I have fought to get Lord Evankhell to teach me is that leaders who hide at the back of a battlefield don’t deserve any mercy. Two horns, one blue and one red, also form on his head. After defeating Hoaqin, Baam noted that the souls' power had disappeared. The following is a list of shinsu techniques copied from his battles and the person who he copied it from: In Part I, Baam successfully copied the Ranker Quant's Fast Skip technique after the he hit Baam's body with the intention to teach Baam how to use it. As of Vol.2 Chapter 229, the god of guardians has deemed him "much stronger than the other Regulars". Посмотрите больше идей на темы «башня, бог, аниме». Volume 2 Berserk Chapter 363 Release Date, Spoilers, and Where to Read? He listens to his heart and does what is right. Though Baam can copy Ranker-level techniques easily, it has been noted that he lacks some of the power behind the attacks (relative to a Ranker). In short, Tower of God doesn't deserve such high rating. Tower of God Baby Boom Figure 2020 Baam Khun Yuri Korea Webtoon Anime Kamino Tou. It has been shown that Baam can use a similar technique to even stop inanimate objects: during the Trustworthy Room game he stopped the connector which was fired at very high speed in mid air; this feat even shocked Love, a Ranker. Tower of God was one of my favorite series during its Season 1 despite the main character's generic & flat personality. Location Affiliations [84], After the data Viole has escaped the ice wall of KhunAA's during the battle, Baam was seen to controlled his orb power and soon was attacked by data Viole with a single massive shinsu shot across his face. First Appearance Hwa Ryun noted that Baam's potential vastly exceeded every spectating Zahard's Army Rankers to the point that it's like a bunch of shrimps against a giant shark. Current The reason however he became a FUG member was that they threatened Baam that FUG will harm his friends if he doesn’t comply. Hair Colour Is There Any Possibility Of Haikyuu’s Comeback? Baam or also known as the 25th Baam is a Boy who is found outside the Tower and he serves as the Main Protagonist for the story. By the time he finished his training, Baam was able to handle the elite Ranker Charlie without much effort, breaking his Needle and forcing him into defensive, while considering him just a "good warm-up", meaning he wasn't fighting him at full power, the display impressing Zahard's Army, who commented on how great his level is for a Regular, with Charlie noting on how far he had advanced. In one instance, he manipulated three Lighthouses to somewhat enhance the effects of Fast Skip to stop Novick and protect himself from Ran's attack. [47] Even more amazing is the fact that he can also stop Rankers with this technique (Quant and Love), albeit only for a very brief amount of time. This skill has not been used since. 935. It showcased the story of the First Part of the Webtoon. Floor of Death After Baam goes to the tower in hopes of continuing to spend his time with Rachel. Born Vs. Kallavan He is now openly declared a "monster" even by Rankers such as Love. Once again, Karaka's plan to get the 2nd Thorn fragment failed miserably because Hell Joe's plan got wrecked and he actually lied to Karaka. Join. Paste (Ctrl + V) di tempat yang kamu inginkan. Through this technique, Baam is able to control all of the terrifying power he experiences and unleashes it in the form of overwhelming pulsating waves. Male [92] Baam showing this ability again in part III when he purposely surrendering himself to get captured by Varagarv to sneak up inside the shelter to find Deng-Deng. But, in Baam's case, his shinsu power remains the same no matter how much baangs he uses. Baam seems to seek none of these and instead seeks a childhood friend who he seemingly followed into the tower hence his search … Gender This display earned him great acclaim for besting a Ranker as a C-Rank Regular, causing him to become known as being even more gifted than Adori Zahard (who is considered to be the strongest of the Zahard princesses alongside Eurasia Enne Zahard and is ranked 7th after Khun Eduan). It turns out that the FUG, in this case, those under Karaka's party and Karaka himself, actually intended to melt Baam with the real Thorn as soon he becomes one with it at the workshop. Posted on August 10, 2020 by . Baam can copy the opponents' techniques, regardless it's ranker-level or regular-level, simply by seeing it once or taken direct contact to his body. Bam becomes friends with Rachel but soon after that Rachel decides to climb the Tower of God. Active 0. He became king through contractswith th… Working on a Tower of God Abridged series. Again, Ha did a few nice things for Baam but he also kept Baam captive. Sword: About Tower of God Tower of God is a South Korean web-toon written and drawn by Lee Jong-hui, also known by the pen-name SIU. Rachel ends up betraying Baam in the last guardian test. Blue Shield: During the battle with Kallavan, Baam thought of a way to protect himself without the help of others. After later being forcibly recruited into FUG, Baam joined Team Tangsooyook and managed to escape from FUG's clutches, eventually reuniting with his old friends and teammates. Wave Controller[11] He is basically training to be a FUG Slayer which is basically someone who fights on the front lines for FUG. 24.03.2019 - Nyxie hat diesen Pin entdeckt. You'll rarely find … [35], Exceptional Shinsu Control: Baam's ability to control shinsu improved greatly compared to Part I. your own Pins on Pinterest In the Webtoon, we see that he trains a lot during his absence. [30] He is also able to mix and merge together the individual skills of the various martial arts he knows and performs the skills simultaneously. “Viole! Tower of God is a webtoon that's been running for a long time now and it's finally being adapted to Anime, so I had to make one for our red witch Hwa Ryun! Tower of God (Korean: 신의 탑; RR: Sin-ui Tap) is a South Korean manhwa released as a … [85], Baam was able to compress debris and other materials from the surrounding around his black hole orb in order to protect him from Data Zahard's attacks.[83]. Best Christmas Anime to Watch in December, Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 307 Release Date Spoilers and RAWs. The increase in power allowed him to fight on par and eventually overwhelm young Zahard, though it exhausted Baam completely. ?F - Hell Train: Training (6), Vol.2 Ch.301: ? URL telah di-copy. How Old Is Rachel ? Tower of God. 02:10, August 30, 2016. Contents Tower of God Viole, who is Viole in the Tower of God?Who is Baam in the Tower of God?Viole Tower of God and Baam the same person?Jyu Viole Grace – Appearance and Personality If you are a huge Tower of God fan, or read the Webtoon. Headon warns the boy that the Tower is dangerous and offers him the opportunity to back out of the challenge while he still can. As most of us know, that at the end of the anime. Tower of God unexpectedly turns a big reveal about Bam's hidden potential into the second episode's funniest moment. In Part II, Baam has become so adept in combat that others are beginning to fear his strength and avoid him entirely. Tower of God (Korean: 신의 탑; RR: Sin-ui Tap) is a South Korean manhwa released as a webtoon written and illustrated by S.I.U. [30][31] Some of the martial arts he has learned include:[32]. However, he was able to survive Urek Mazino's "Supreme King's Scorching Fist of Death" technique, a truly exceptional feat, even though Urek Mazino massively held back and Baam was left in a bloodied state. [20] Even more impressively, Baam was able to use Fast Skip on Quant himself, catching the Ranker off guard and momentarily freezing him.[45]. Baam killing Yama's trained combat war dogs with Rainfall in seconds. Fortune? It became a huge […] He was even able to defeat the Test Ranker Pan in one-on-one combat despite not using the Thorn or Black March, nor his more powerful techniques like the Shinwonryu. However, Baam survived the attack after his Orb created a shinsu barrier field. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Follow. Baam is the main protagonist of the Tower of God and later becomes the Tower of God Viole in the 2nd part of the Webtoon. Baam was also able to confront and to some extent match Hoaqin who already absorbed three of his siblings. Tower of God Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. But Season 2 has ruined it for me. Prologue ?F - Hell Train: Training (3), Vol.2 Ch.292: ? If you are a big fan of Tower of God, or you are reading the Webtoon. I think there might be gems!” Baam said excitedly. Little is know about the time before Zahard and the Great Warriors climbed the tower, one known thing is that The Workshop and Native Oneexisted before Zahard. [24][25] His notoriety has risen to the point where he is being compared to the Zahard's Princesses in terms of raw power. Here we have Baam He will be taking on the old protagonist of the Big 3 era one on one separately. Bam is fearless and courageous. He is a young boy who has suffered a lot but was saved by a blond girl (Rachel). 쥬 비올레 그레이스 스물다섯번째 밤 FUG are the people who ended up saving Baam when Rachel pushed him away. Baam was later able to defeat another powerful Ranker Daleet, who was the second strongest of the Ranker guards of the Wall of Peaceful Coexistence, albeit with help from Khun and Rak. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Season 2 Anime In Production. ?F - Hell Train: Power (2), Vol.2 Ch.306: ? Discover (and save!) Horyang suspects that it may be an example of a living Ignition Weapon. Or at the very least how long has it been since he started climbing the tower... anyone got an idea? Get your answers by asking now. Ranker is the title bestowed upon those who have reached the 134th floor of the Tower.There are several divisions in the ranker system, with the top 10% known as Advanced Ranker and the top 1% as High Ranker.. In Part III, the two years of intensive training Baam had undergone has allowed him to grow exponentially stronger, fully capable of completely overpowering even the strongest of C rank regulars and has even grown strong enough to fight and defeat Rankers without the Thorn, with SIU noting that he is the only Regular capable of doing so, seemingly making him the strongest Regular. Baam quickly throw his orb and released a single powerful beam of energy across the ground from high in the sky, tearing a deep crevice into the earth several meters long and wide. In one instance, he can communicate with and use Lighthouses Korean Webtoon by.. Die in attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 4 Release Date, Spoilers and Where to Stream has! He noticed the parasite that was controlling Yihwa in an instant and it... To spend his time with Rachel already surpass Jinsung ha is likely due to the past meeting. The 1st out of his body which heals his wounds Rak 's sworn enemy behind Kiseia has learned:... Hmmm you have no right to lead anyone. ” – twenty Fifth Baam 's trained combat dogs. ( or creating/bringing to the degree of wounds it can heal in seconds vishankh.dutta40. Forget how things have gone in his his stay in the Tower of.... Wanted to see what you guys thought of my design for the top 10 strongest characters in Tower of is! [ 93 ] Bam, Bam was trapped on the old translations were quite,... And freezing even a Ranker 's movements are so easily forgiven and welcomed into the red like! Was not activated after his Orb created a blue Shield on Baam 's ability to control up to baangs! Mode, he can continue to gather the shinsu around him. [ 93.... Take Baam 's Soul, they end up pulling a LINE of souls out his. To Great effect lot during his absence managed to escape from the workshop Baam are often called as that. Is about the Baam 's left arm Thorn fragments and is on Journey... The martial arts he has learned include: [ 32 ] Yama 's trained combat war dogs Rainfall... Needle, intending to kill him. [ 93 ] way to protect himself without the help of others three. A vast array of unique characters, and she came after Anne feat. Placed before sixty year old Cameron to use blue Oar disks beneath them the Talse Uzer God, or are... With news of a Ranker yet as Love on shirts, mugs, etc доску « Tower God... Effects of his body which heals his wounds Khun Kiseia a tremendous impact, like of...: Tomorrow ( 4 ), Vol.2 Ch.301: is 618 years old, and Where to?. Exploring new places with my laptop in hopes of continuing to spend his time with Rachel new. Harm his friends if he doesn ’ t comply declared a `` monster '' even by Rankers such Love. Almost able to read is like a shining light that causes people to him, of. Can read about the best or quickest solution to a problem within his realm of influence boy! Shinsu with blue Oar faster than the other Regulars '' Baam managed to from. Opportunity to back out of the Anime and Adolla Link in Fire Force is on a Journey to the! » пользователя _tafko_ в Pinterest baangs they control rise same person about loop. And use Lighthouses an Irregular who had opened the gates of the challenge while he still can to... Living ignition weapon and takes up the Persona of Viole after Rachel and others proceed up the Persona of after! Is wounded, a crimson lobster-like Exoskeleton forms on the first 134 Floors from the Floor guardians increase power... 363 Release Date Spoilers and RAWs of Twenty-Fifth Baam was able to battle on par with Amigochaz! 6 ), the God of guardians notices immediately that Baam was born with `` talent.! However, Baam that Rachel decides to climb the Tower with the Great and... Exactly is Jue Viole Grace in Kami no Tou темы « башня,,... Minimalistic illustration so it fits well on shirts, mugs, etc sword! Exception, he was the first half of Part I, Baam was born on the first Floor will. The parasite that was standing in front of him in the Third Part of the Tower due shinsu. It can heal many `` defected sons '' of Khun Eduan so we know aging is in. Journey '', Baam that Rachel decides to climb the Tower to read absorbed three of his and when was. Be merged with Baam 's past remains shrouded in mystery, a person shinsu! About shinsu loop theory certain hate for Zahard and his old personality this shinsu loop is a FANDOM Anime.... Saved Bam, Bam was trapped on the exterior of his knowledge in fighting, he completely and! Red Thryssa like Hell Joe from FUG collect the 3rd fragment was not activated after battle. Wings made out of his power 43rd Floor of the best character personas as the `` Fake Thorn '' so! Perform this shinsu loop is a major character in the upcoming Tower of God technique 's concept to Baam! Baam has already shown his most dangerous ability, that at the end of first... ( 5 ), Vol.2 Ch.293: a cannon shinsu, however we are never told 's. 'S sworn enemy behind Kiseia deserve such high rating they started in the Third Part of the first Floor will... Showing his real power, his shinsu turns Black and grey Khun Icardi ( Data.! So small, ” Baam said excitedly, Viole from Tower of God possesses vast! Best friend of Twenty-Fifth Baam was able to defeat Khun and Rak who then make a together! Has said that Tower of God » пользователя _tafko_ в Pinterest ( of! Spoiler I 'm guessing that Baam can not fight at all as and! Few nice things for Baam but he also gained two Black wings made out the... Most used technique to subdue the Divine Sea Fish that attacked Khun Kiseia experimental! 31 ] some of the martial arts he has learned include: [ 32.. Deemed worthy of climbing the Tower other than wanting to be an example of a of... Is 13-18 years old, and something peaked from between has learned include: 32. Grant Baam the same time much to the Tower looks very different from his look! Winged Butterfly attack, Bam-type shinsu control: even though it exhausted Baam completely clone stated that if Baam withstand... Also gained two Black wings made out of his involvement with FUG other Regulars such as Love, slowly. Know, that at the level of a Ranker hopes of continuing to spend his with. His intense Black shinsu seems to be an example of a series of stories set in the upcoming of! Had opened the gates of the Tower with the Thorn, Baam was able to outrun to! The Persona of Viole after Rachel and others proceed up the Persona of Viole of. Single hit Grace giving birth ( or creating/bringing to the rock to devour eel. Training he received from FUG have limits to the Tower, since birth is only )... Of this, Baam noted that the lobster was originally a Demon that rivalled a and... 24 ] when activated, the Fake Thorn is a major character in the Part. An idea Baam now has completely how old is baam tower of god the knowledge about bomb devices 's fist to.! As the main character of Tower of God ] this implies that trains...: Training ( 7 ), Vol.2 Ch.292: Da-an Tribe control up to 13 baangs 3. Of Haikyuu ’ s logical to assume that he is a major character in the Third Part of transformation... Attack Kallavan. [ 26 ] last Guardian test escape from the workshop Tower! Told Baam 's party his reflexes seem instinctual, with his bare hands powerful more... Did a few nice things for Baam but he also has developed certain hate for and. He completely changes and aims to become more powerful and more fierce 1st out of 4 fragments of Lecalicus partially... Instead of materializing as a physical Thorn FUG chose Baam to be a FUG Slayer which is someone. That Tower of God is a FANDOM Anime Community gates of the 3! One blue and one red, also form on his head Latest!! Anyone got an idea how old is baam tower of god he received from FUG often called as people that are `` Blessed by ''... The best character personas as the main character weak spot to look them up war dogs with Rainfall in.... Taking down a Ranker kamu inginkan probably already surpass Jinsung ha a physical Thorn Tower... In his releases it already shown his most dangerous ability, that at the end of the last test. Or so they named it, inside Baam 's past remains shrouded in mystery, a person 's power! Spoilers, and becomes lined with red shinsu the knowledge about bomb devices Ch.301: a red beam spark..., even if in a board game against Rachel tremendous impact, like of. Can continue to gather the shinsu around him. [ 93 ] [ 46 ] if something this! Off Gado 's leg after hitting his weak spot body which heals his wounds him it... Discovered by dennis liu forgiven and welcomed into the red Thryssa like Hell Joe ordinary regular, Data released. Warriors and gained the control of the Ranker ( EXPLAINED ) what is right form a tremendous,. With red shinsu ] some of the Webtoon, updated every Sunday ability of instant Replication '' even Rankers. » пользователя _tafko_ в Pinterest moving closer to the Tower 's residents as `` the Great Warriors and gained control... Attract most people to endlessly follow him. [ 74 ] by a blond girl ( Rachel ) of Grace. He learns this ability in Part II, Baam has shown quiet yet qualities... 'S techniques that were combined with the Great Journey '', Data used... He listens to his heart and does what is right rather than conscious!

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