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Body forces, such as ... they can associate to asphaltenes and affect . Define stability, Equilibrium, Balance. Stability of a vehicle concerns itself with the tendency of a vehicle to return to its original direction in relation to the oncoming medium (water, air, road surface, etc.) A car must be excellent at handling, or else you may lose control. Geotechnical factors include in-situ mechanical properties of the orebody and country rocks, the geological structure of the rockmass, the ambient state of stress and the hydrogeological considerations in the zone of potential mining influence (Brady and Brown, 2006). Tonyfrosty 04/23/2020 Medicine High School +5 pts. Directional stability is stability of a moving body or vehicle about an axis which is perpendicular to its direction of motion. stability of an airplane. It is dependent on these main principles: Position of the centre of mass Base of support Performers line of gravity Mass of the performer Biomechanics of Resistance Exercise Basic Definitions n Strength n Maximum force that a muscle or muscle group can generate at a specific velocity n Power n Maximum force that a muscle or muscle group can generate at a very high rate of speed n Torque n The “rotational” power of a muscle or muscle groups; i.e. Abiotic Factors Definitions: Examples: Definition Factors that affect numbers in predator and prey population Food Supply Definition Definitions Predation Interspecific Competiton Intraspecific Competition Examples Seasons Examples: Temperature, Water/Humidity, pH, Light/Shade, He reviews factors that affect stability and makes clear applications for coaches and athletes. Factors Affecting Product Stability Each ingredient, whether therapeutically active or pharmaceutically necessary, can affect the stability of drug substances and dosage forms. when disturbed (rotated) away from that original direction. It is the way you hold yourself in sitting, standing or lying down. what are the factors that affect the stability of a body? Balance in biomechanics, is an ability to maintain the line of gravity (vertical line from centre of mass) of a body within the base of support with minimal postural sway. general factors affecting movement Home; Contacts; Tips; Location It also underlies the clinical basis of treating joint injuries. Biomechanical Factors that Affect the Accuracy of a Netball Shot Balance and Stability “At least half the time in possession of the ball should be spent preparing to shoot, establish balance, concentration, and steadying of the ball” (Steele, 1993). The fact that cream at the higher fat concentrations and lower temperatures gave indications of pseudo- plasticity has not … 3.2 Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport 3.2.1 Exercise physiology Students should understand the adaptations to the body systems through training or lifestyle, and how these changes affect the efficiency of those systems. position of the center of gravity- the lower the center of gravity ,the more stable the body is. If it is easy to move something from balanced to unbalanced it is not stable. Log in. One of the key factors in the Wright brothers’ achievement of building the first heavier-than-air aircraft was their insight that a functional airplane would require a mastery of three disciplines:. The stability of emulsions is very important during storage. 1. they include; base area - the larger the base area the more stable the body is. Transfer technology, your location, the number of people you share the connection with and the device you use are only some of these factors. The most important factors are pH, temperature, hydrophobicity, morphology, degree of crystallinity and porosity. Start studying Factors influencing the stability of synovial joints. Instability of emulsions leads to floating of droplets to the surface, cohesion between droplets, and finally to creaming and separation. Pharmaceutical factors: 1. § Height of CG changes with body position. Start studying 3 Factors influencing the Stability of Synovial Joints. Stability is the ability of an object to maintain its balance after being disturbed. To perform balance skills, athletes must have adequate strength to support the body, and they must be able to shift the weight quickly into the correct position at the right time. Log in. Temperature: high temperature accelerate oxidation, reduction and hydrolysis reaction which lead to drug degradation 2. pH: • Acidic and alkaline pH influence the rate of decomposition of most drugs. Join now. If a body is stable it is difficult to move from it’s balanced position. The centre of gravity moves according to the athlete’s body position. Estimate the location of the center of gravity of individuals in any position. Suspension Car handling is the way that your car performs on the road, as well as how they handle curves and swerving. 1. Drug solubility and dissolution rate b. The body of cream, as determined by capillary flow, is reported through- out this work as viscosity. Define the term center of gravity, and explain the basis for its location in the human body. 3. The primary environmental factors that can reduce stability include exposure to adverse temperatures, light, … Identify factors affecting stability 3. Racing cars have really low centres of gravity so … • Factors affecting drug stability: 1. Relate theses factors to the level of stability. State the principles of equilibrium, and explain and demonstrate applications of each. Factors Affecting Vitamin Stability. This can happen for an abundance of reasons, and here are some of the bigger ones. Sway is the horizontal movement of the centre of gravity even when a person is standing still. This has benefits and implications for performers, both in a positive and negative way. Top Answer. Therefore, all factors that are likely to affect the business operations of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited would be included in the ‘industry environment’ of the company. The nose cone and fins of a rocket are designed to minimise drag (air resistance) and to provide stability and control (keep it pointing in the right direction without wobbling). The position of the centre of gravity of an object affects its stability. body of cream, body being an important commercial factor. Another condition affecting flight is the aircraft's state of trim – or equilibrium where the net sum of all forces equals zero. The higher it is the more likely the object is to topple over if it is pushed. Answered Factors that affect stability of a body in physical education 1 Factors Influencing Human Postures 3.1 Introduction Postures and motions generated by the human body are very difficult to simulate since the human body has so many interrelated muscles that produce movement. There are mainly 6 factors in the industry environment such as suppliers, buyers & customers, competitors & new entrants, substitute products, regulators, and strategic partners. Sign up to view the full answer Ask your question. What are factors that affect joint stability bone shape ligaments muscle from ESS 3320 at Texas State University Factors affecting absorption: A. Join now. Most or all of these factors affect the water permeability and thus the bulk errosion rate. Physicochemical properties of drug a. There are several factors that affect the hydrolytic stability of a polymer. A number of common physical and chemical factors affect the stability of vitamins in premixes and finished feeds (Figure 4) (Gadient, 1986; Frye, 1994; Reddy and Love, 1999). They are affected by factors such as muscular … Multiple factors affect the speed and quality of your internet connection. Posture is the position the body adopts in response to the effects of gravity. This page is one of a series on understanding and improving your posture. For example, in the runner in the image above, his centre of gravity is in the lower region of the pelvis and in front of his body, because his upper body is leaning forwards. The stability of an object is extremely dependent upon its center of gravity. To administer the emulsion in the body, it is necessary to have good stability. There are so many factors that can affect your car handling. § As CG moves closer to base of support more angular displacement can occur before it goes beyond the base of support Fig 14.8 a > b > c with respect to lateral x x x stability a b c A. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Exposure to multiple stresses generally multiplies the effect on vitamin stability. Particle size and effective surface area c. Polymorphism and amorphism d. Pseudopolymorphism(hydrates or solvates) e. Salt form of the drug f. Lipophilicity of the drug g. Drug stability h. One factor that affects stability is the center of gravity. 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Through this lesson you would learnabout stability, equilibrium and balance ofhuman body or any other objects, andwhat factors affecting their stability andhow these factors can affect the level ofbody stability 4. Having the centre of gravity lower and in front of his lower body is advantageous for acceleration. Stability. movement against a resistance through angular displacement. The stability of joints is a topic of great clinical importance; it explains why some joints are more prone to dislocation and injury than others. Rocket aerodynamics is the study of how air flows over a rocket and how this affects drag and stability. Discuss the factors that affect the stability and energy cost of the erect posture. There are also differences between a fixed network and a mobile network. The factors that affect stability can vary depending on the object. In this article we shall look at the various factors that contribute towards joint stability. Find an answer to your question factors that affect stability of a body in physical education 1. 'Good' posture allows movement In making mayonnaise, several factors affect the formation of the emulsion, its stability, and ease of making.The major factors may be listed as follows: (1) degree and kind of agitation, (2) the method of mixing, (3) the ingredients used, and (4) temperature. The lower the centre of gravity (G) is, the more stable the object. • Many drugs are stable between pH 4 and 8. The aircraft's response to disturbance is associated with the inherent degree of stability built in by the designer, in each of the three axes; and eventuating without any reaction from the pilot.

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