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It will start to kill it almost immidiately and you will notice a difference within 24-48 hours. I’ve been digging around for more information, and many do agree that high organics lead to BBA. Did you do a large water change after the algae was dead before adding your livestock back into the tank? Are you struggling to remove black beard algae (BBA) from your planted aquarium? Obviously that was not enough. 2 external filter well equipped 1 solely with bio media and the other only with mechanical media. Place first zoa in for exactly 5 minutes, then return it to tank. The video instructed to liberally douse everything in the aquarium, plants, rocks, wood, etc. Nothing really worked and the BBA was still spreading everywhere killing my beautiful plants. If needed, we were going to continue to spot treat with Excel and H2O2 until the BBA was eradicated. Every week when I do a water change and the water level is low I spray everything. Freshwater Scuds: The Ultimate Algae Eaters? Less hardy algae may be effectively killed by this alone, especially if flow was good. He said that when he returned home, the Black Beard Algae was gone and his fish were fine. Here's what I found: What's the ratio for 6% bleach to water? Follow this link and you'll get the full description of the method. Please comment below if you have any suggestions on how to remove Black Beard Algae that may be a little less harsh but effective, or how to prevent this from happening in the first place. https://infolific.com/pets/freshwater-aquariums/hydrogen-peroxide-bba I'm still battling green long hair algae but peroxide is working. If your sole source of flow is your filters, you'll have to temporarily remove the filter media to a bucket of tank water, and leave the filters on. Moving on now. Apr 27, 2020; Thread Starter #6 OP . Name Email Message. I use no more than double the dose that I would normally put into the water as a whole. The H2O2 would kill it. I then took my circulation fan off the glass and blew it all over the tank for another five minutes to make sure there was good circulation. Dec 18, 2019. I'm glad they worked for you. So it’s best to purchase smaller bottles. I did not test the water parameters after treatment. But in a whole tank treatment, it's far more dilute. Good Luck! Light has no effect on the H2O2, only your ability to see what's going on. Thankfully our tank is spotless at the moment, but every now and then we have to spot treat with H2O2. Unfortunately, only one made it through the night. Scrape out dead worms from the surface of the dip-cup. It helps a little but it grows back in a week or so. I have the filter turned off as every video I've watched on it has said to do. I added 10 Tbsp (2 per 10g @ 50g) of 3% peroxide to a glass, then added another 10 Tbsp of tank water, giving me a 50/50 mix of peroxide/water. I hate even looking at it anymore. After a few days, the mulm started to disappear on its own. Please note: … The Black Beard Algae was dying. Peroxide is the most effective way to clean and protect your zoas, and it keeps rapidly-growing algae at bay. Keeping a clean tank is a must for heavily planted tanks due to the mulm buildup on the substrate. It was about 5 minutes from the time I began spot treating to the time I poured the remainder in the tank. We do weekly water changes, and with a heavily planted tank, it is important to vacuum all the tight areas. Depending on the algae species, we recommend different dosages: 1. Hydrogen Peroxide Dip Ratio And Time. Plus, since most of my plants are swords, I think a lot of the ferts in the water column were going unused. Basically, our setup was a ghost town for a month while the BBA was dying. Like any ... how do you treat aquarium plants with hydrogen peroxide? Our Micranthemum ‘Monte Carlo’ showed no difference in growth with or without EI dosing. Tank has never been cleaner. I wish that video had been more specific. Bombing a tank with large amounts of H2O2 and Seachem Flourish Excel is dangerous to the animals. I use straight 3% H2O2 dip for 5 minutes or a <1.5% mixture for 15-30 minutes. But the truth is, most people perform this treatment completely wrong. I've seen mine do it, ripped it off and ate it like it was cotton candy. We appreciate your comment. Otherwise, this is optional but still beneficial. Like I send in my original post that I tried everything. Over the years, the tanks have sometimes been quite laborious, so with our busy lives, the less time it takes to maintain our aquariums, the better. After fighting with this algae for several months, we were considering just tearing down the scape and starting over. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the algae. Buce Plant on Aug 17, 2020 How about replacing bleach with hydrogen peroxide? Once done, I poured the remaining mix into the tank. Russell Whitmyer on Aug 17, 2020 Leave a Comment. We used a 50/50 mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and Seachem Flourish Excel. I was upset with myself for following advice that went against my own common sense, and really upset (and embarrassed) that my fish and shrimp had to suffer. Keep that in mind should you decide to try it, and if you do, please share your results in this thread. I recently set up a freshwater DSB tank which is about 50% planted with swords and crypts. I have 3 Flying Foxs and they don't touch the stuff. Without that, there is only one place where high flow is occurring. First, prepare the tank. But when using this all out method, you MUST remove the livestock. You can read the full disclosure here. So if you want an effective treatment, provide massive flow during the entire treatment period. As for directions, fill your dipping container with tank water and place the frags you want to dip in that container. 4. By the time I got about 30g out of the tank, it had been 30 minutes of “full strength” peroxide (2Tbsp per 10g of water). I’ll let you know the results soon. So sorry for your loss. So overall, I had about 30 minutes of “soak time” at full strength before I began diluting with the fresh water. If that doesn’t work, I’m going to remove my fish to a holding tub and try your method. Your email address will not be published. oldsalt777. So far I've managed to kill the BBA (it turns pink), but the verdict isn't in on whether I'm significantly damaging the plant leaves. As a basis for this treatment, we use the 3% solution for the Söchting Oxydator. Only a few spots remained. Now terminate the treatment. In this case, we reached out to the pros, World Wide Corals, to get some advice. After soaking, rinse everything thoroughly in freshwater. My method: I decided I have about 50g of water in my 65g tank. I've got quite a bit of BBA in a tank and have used hydrogen peroxide on the affected areas. I've never seen any adverse effect on the more sensitive inhabitants of my tank; including otos, cories, bamboo shrimp, ramshorn and pond snails. I will continue to do it daily so it does not return. At the time I thought we’d made a huge mistake. Since I didn’t shut off my filter, I am going to test my ammonia, nitrites and nitrates every day for a week or so to see if this process killed enough bacteria to start a new cycle. Then I stumbled across a video on YouTube (you can view it at the bottom of our post, Black Beard Algae – The Battle Begins) and decided to give this method a shot before starting over. I wanted to see how these areas reacted with just the general treatment. We thought about purchasing a couple of SAE’s as well, but those were not fish we wanted to keep and weren’t 100% sure that they would do the trick, so after stumbling on a video on YouTube (https://youtu.be/43bvtrORrd4) that showed the process we took (in a milder form, I’m sure), we decided to go this route. It has some large manzanita wood covered with petite Anubia. It can easily kill LPS and SPS. I get BBA even though my pH and CO2 levels are kept steady via a pH controller. I have two methods for spot treating. To kill Black Beard algae with hydrogen peroxide, you need to soak any affected plants, decorations, and aquarium equipment for around three minutes in undiluted 3% H 2 O 2. And will diffuse into water and oxygen after 24 hours. The black beard algae still looked the same except there was noticeably less of it. About a week after I planted my swords (ordered online from a reputable small company) I started to see BBA crop up on the edges of the leaves. My thinking was that giving the plants CO2 along with my current lighting and fert dosage would give the plants the advantage to out compete the BBA for nutrients. also you can just combine the proper excel dose above with the H202 ratio above (not a strict 50/50 mix) and do it that way…. Don't subscribe This stuff smothered our mosses, covered all the plant stems, and started growing on our substrate. #4. nyleve. Algae is something that is easy to forget but your frag plugs are likely the number one source of introducing rare and very pesky algae species into your tank. We have learned a lot since then. They were starting to mature nicely, especially some of the more expensive and hard-to-get species like our Cameroon Moss. I feel like a slave to my planted aquarium. As one example, our Alternanthera reineckii was lush and red with and without overdosing fertilizers in our tank. I'd like to see someone try it on a tank with a few expendable cherries. But the fish are already getting close to suffering noticeable stress. It looked like cotton in our mosses. Hydrogen Peroxide, nothing, Excel a wast of money. How long after treatment did you wait before adding fish? I've added amazon frogbit and it's helped slow down new algae growth. Based on your information, we could probably use a little more. They can tolerate extremely long blackouts without harm, unlike other algae. Getting Rid of Black Beard Algae (BBA) on Driftwood. Recently I see the use of AlgaeFix being more freely discussed, now that certain people have finally softened their views on it, and mentioning it no longer results in guaranteed chastisement. What you will need to do is to soak any affected decor or aquarium plants suspected of having the algae for about 3 minutes in undiluted 3% H2O2. Beautiful tank! 2. No improvement. Nice green algae is growing where it should, water crystal clear, all the plants and stone are clean. Please make absolutely sure you do not exceed the percentage of H2O2-of 3% or you may have a hard time calculating the dosages correctly. But after mixing the solution, dip only the leaves of the plants in it. If you were already using Excel overdoses, continue using the previous dose. Your email address will not be published. 3 mins; Java fern? As I said before, Concentration * Flow * Time. Best for Algae - Hydrogen Peroxide. My set up is for R.H. Tapajos, Columbian tetras and orange laser corys. We lost all but one of our Chili’s, our Nerite snails, and quite a few of our RCS. Some amount of time is allowed to elapse, a half hour or so. Reduce phosphate (PO4) in the water. 3 mins; How much declor … One of the easiest and most effective is using 3% hydrogen peroxide, use 10 ml per 50 liters (15 gallons). Other solutions may damage the surrounding aquatic life in the tank or throw off the water's PH balance. Then I use a syringe to squirt Excel onto the BBA under the water. Try not to let it drip in to areas of the rock that don’t need peroxide. Just please, make sure that you pay careful attention to how much H2O2 you are using because it can be harmful or fatal to the animals. Everything was running smoothly until, boom! 2 mins; Hygrophila polysperma? This treatment seems especially hit-and-miss with shrimp, so for them, I do not recommend this treatment AT ALL - unless you consider them expendable. Jun 8, 2017 #2 Fahn Fishlore VIP. Please keep in touch and let us know how it went! Mr. Aqua 12 Long Aquascape – From Conception to Completion. We fought with it for months before we went to this extreme, and by this time it was everywhere! I used to read the Barr Report every night, and I fully agree with Tom Barr’s research. I have gotten BBA on both low-tech, and high-tech tanks. We mix it in a small medicine cup and use a syringe to apply it to the algae. I've heard about a few species of fish that eat BBA, but it seems different people have different experiences. Lighting: We have two Kessil A80’s mounted about 15 inches from the top of the substrate with a photo period of 7 hours. etc. That's good, because we don't want the H2O2 to kill too much nitrifying bacteria, nor want the H2O2 depleted at this point in reaction with these bacteria. If this is done, the increase in safety is actually enough that concentration can be increased. If you have particular trouble spots, try to ensure they get direct flow during part of the treatment. I should have known right away they were suffering. *Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. I have an idea why this occurs different from other hypothesis I've seen, and how it might be avoided, but that's a topic for another thread I'll soon post. It laughs at high CO2, H2O2 spot treatments, and Excel spot/tank treatments. If you decide to remove black beard algae using this method, it will work. The H2O2 is added. basically everything common to a planted tank setup. I know it is unorthodox in aquascaping to not use an EI dosing method while running a high tech tank. Although it does stop staghorn algae fairly well. And they will continue to be exposed to gradually lessening concentrations, further increasing the stress, as the filter slowly removes it. Edit: Bleach dip is MUCH easier to find information on. I would advise not to dip the moss ball since its pretty much bunched up algae. I’ve added pressurised co2, I have 2 koralia none wave makers and 3 fluval led lamps. Thanks for your reply. You would think so but I've pulled a rock out and sprayed the rock down with pure 3% peroxide for algae and aiptasia and a couple hours after putting the rock back in, I saw an aiptasia or two poke their ugly heads out so for me, no it did not kill the aiptasia. Hydrogen Peroxide eventually breaks down into just water so no need to worry about it harming your fish or plants. The effect of any chemical is determined by: Concentration * Flow * Time. I feel your pain. I started a new set up using pond dirt a substrate, fertilizers under the substrate so the plants feed through the roots. Dip them in Excel or another glut solution. I cleaned up what BBA I could by trimming a few plants and taking out and bleaching the rocks and filter intake and outflow pieces. But we were hopeful that this treatment was working, especially after our losses. Keep the lights on. Lyndon on Sep 25, 2020 Yes, hydrogen peroxide can also be used: 2-3 ml to 1 gallon of water. We were ready to tear down this setup and re-scape the aquarium, but with the countless hours and meticulous details invested in this aquascape, were not looking forward to doing that. After about 2 weeks of CO2, none of the spots of BBA had grown and the plants looked great with a lot of new growth. We documented the process on video and need to post it on YouTube to show everyone what not to do when applying this treatment. I have a cheap Koralia clone that with 1,320GPH flow, turned out to be too much for any of my tanks; but I keep it around because it's ideal for this treatment. It does a good job with algae and parasites. I then began to add back prime treated fresh water. Before long, the little black dots started sprouting into tufts of what looked little black bushes. I use both Excel and H202 to treat algae when necessary (i also keep plants,shrimp,snails and fish in those tanks). Yes, it works, I've used it, and it's certainly easier than my method. I left my canister filter on the whole time. But it falls hard to the "One-Two Punch", and I relied on this treatment heavily when trying to figure out how to keep it from growing. Regardless of the approach I use about 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide per 2 gallons of water. This worked and nothing suffered from it. When we were finally ready to take the wood out, it had all kinds funky stuff clinging to it. It's a ratio of 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 150 parts water. The slowly add Hydrogen Peroxide until you start to see bubbles forming. We kept forgetting to change the water. While light does break down H2O2, this is measured in days - even in direct sunlight. 2. WARNING! In my experience, CO2 is the most important nutrient, and combined with a quality substrate under a quality light spectrum, we are rarely disappointed. Daily, double-dosing of Excel doesn't keep BBA at bay. Also, you might want to comment on that video we saw to warn people about the devastation that could happen. At this time I consider my treatment possibly safer than AlgaeFix when a powerful full tank treatment is required, and certainly usable in more circumstances. At one point we were breeding mosquitoes in that bin. Messages 355. We are considering a bottom feeder besides the shrimp, but haven’t decided on what yet. Java moss was unaffected. I still did some research to make sure that I had correctly identified it, and started looking for ways to rid ourselves of this eyesore. What a terrible and avoidable loss. 55 gallon and it is stocked yes. Messages 7,085. BBA bloomed. If you weren't already using Excel, or were using it at the recommended dose, add Seachem's recommended initial dose of 5ml per 10G. CO2: We run pressurized CO2 that measures approximately 30 ppm that comes on 3 hours before lights on and shuts off an hour before lights out. The video did not show the process taking place, so we didn’t know exactly how much to apply. At the moment I'm able to limit the BBA growth with hydrogen peroxide, but if things get worse I may consider these other approaches: I finally wiped my black algae out by adding 1/4 tsp of Hydrogen peroxide daily for two weeks. I did not want to reintroduce animals to the tank because I was not sure we weren’t going to have to spot treat in the following days, and after seeing what happened to the fish, didn’t want to take the chance. Bleach:water 1:19 Dechlored water or tap water? There are several methods for removing black beard algae. Thank you for the feedback, Dale. I will post the results in a week or two. Water Maintenance: We raise our Jardli glass jet outflows at night to aerate the water and try and break the biofilm on the surface (See the video here). We purchased a Mr. Aqua 12 Long rimless aquarium last year and carefully planned the scape for months before finally setting it up. Member. The biofilter at least is now reducing the H2O2. Jun 15, 2017. yom. I wanted to see if it grew or spread after adding the CO2. So the light has no effect, in the time scales we're working with. We worried that we might lose our mosses. In the case of blue-green algae: 8 to a maximum of 15 ml of the 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide per 50 liters of water. There were still spots that were purple, but clearly suffering. I've had some recent success with Excel. Since flow is constant through fish gills, to protect them you shorten the time, by wasting none of it with periods where the algae isn't affected, and correctly terminating the treatment. While we bombed the tank, the fish and shrimp were swimming around frantically. The algae should turn red, then greyish white, meaning it has died. This has worked very well on filter components, the top of my heater, and on driftwood. I spot treated with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) during water changes. You want as much flow as possible. We trimmed away infected plants and scraped the hardscape. And with flow restored, the H2O2 is at last starting to have some effect on the algae. Hydrogen peroxide dip? Anyway, we scrubbed the wood and set up the tank. If you have followed our journals about how we fought this battle to remove black beard algae, you already know that we used a pretty harsh treatment. Water changes are done weekly using a 50/50 mix of RO and dechlorinated tap. But often, this leaves little or no flow in the tank. For anyone who wishes to try this, I am changing my initial recommendation for H2O2 to 2 tbsp. It seemed like some the shrimp were trying to climb out of the water while others seemed unaffected. BBA isn't affected much by light intensity as I have it growing at all levels from the substrate to the surface. It may take another half hour before H2O2 is sufficiently reduced. But as I started to trim my java fern last week, I had noticed inside the bush that there were brown plants that were deteriorating due to age and being shaded. I have always suspected that having too many organics are the cause of black beard algae. I highly recommend that you remove all of your livestock first. In some cases, a thorough algae removal like this is enough to improve plant health to the point where algae will not return. But forts you need to find what's causing the BBA and fix it. I put in the Blackbeard treatment from a bottle I bought from the … The “amount” that you should have used is equal to the dosage amount for the tank. Most of it had turned gray. Do not let the roots touch the solution, or it will kill the plant. I'm using Phosguard by Seachem now for the past 2 weeks. I have been struggling with this nightmare for almost 2 years now. To treat a whole tank, you’re going to want to use between 10 – 30 ml or 2 – 6 teaspoons per 50 liters or 15 gallons. They say Siamese Algae eaters love the stuff. We have had some setbacks as the article points out, and BBA has thus far been one of the biggest issues. Make sure to submerge the plants in the solution for no more than 5 minutes! And that is the one thing we don't want the H2O2 reacting with! We decided to remove the piece of driftwood that was our centerpiece. Something more effective/safe? Black beard algae are one of the worst algae in the aquarium hobby because of how hardy, persistent, and stubborn it is. Then the treatment is "terminated", by turning filters and lights back on. Fish gills. I am convinced that it was the co2, I am not sure if it is the 50% water changes, Siamese algae eaters that I added, stopping co2, EI dosage or a combination of all. :'(. We limit the amount to 1ml per gallon of water volume per treatment. I admire his work and dedication to the hobby. Hopefully others can soon add their experiences. Before you tear it down and start over, continue reading to learn how we completely removed this stubborn plague from our tank. If we had continuous setbacks, I would definitely have to do more homework on EI dosing. Please read the entire thread for details before experimenting. I did at one point dose with Seachem’s line of fertilizers which can be very expensive compared to buying dry nutrients in bulk, and after a period of time did not see much of a change. If there are any underlying problems that caused the algae outbreak in the first place, correct them so your tank stays algae-free. Allow to circulate for 15 minutes. I love my fish like most people love their dogs, so this was really hard to watch and a tough lesson for us to learn. For areas that can't be exposed, I deliver the hydrogen peroxide using a turkey baster with a thin straw attached to the end to give me more reach and precision. Algae builds up some tolerance to Excel, similar to sensitive plants like Vals. No idea if it's safe for other shrimp, as I keep no other varieties. Required fields are marked *. Whole tank H2O2 treatments don't get much attention. So you have a high tech (lights & pressurized CO2) tank setup and you only dosing Flourish ? Thanks for reading Susan, we are happy that this information was useful. Hydrogen peroxide is a safe alternative to harsher chemicals. Thanks for the comment Wendy, it’s good to know we’re not the only one to make that mistake. Should I ever have an invasive clado problem, I expect this might be able to eliminate it. I've researched and read many opinions on what causes BBA, but I've yet to find a clear answer. 1. Introduce black algae eating fish to your fish tank. Background: 65g, I would say a medium plant density (mostly swords and Brazilian pennywort) Finnex planted+ 24/7, Fluval 306 canister filter and a small circulation fan. Use a syringe or a spray bottle. I would love to explain the science behind why our setups are flourishing so well, but don’t have the research to back any claims. I've read that people have used 2 ml per gallon with no ill effects, but I'm nervous about going that high. If you're doing it in a tank with fish in it. Use of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Bath. Which took a while, during which time I probably would have given up in frustration if I hadn't found a way to periodically eliminate it, without ripping out half my plants after each failed tank parameter adjustment. Below is what I did. I am still not quite clear what’s stopped the BBA. Alternatively, you could use an eye dropper or cue tip to apply the H202. I then wait 15 to 20 minutes before adding water back to the tank. Thanks again for sharing. This is a technique I've developed. Feed your plants by boosting Carbon Dioxide. Then, out of nowhere, these little black dots starting appearing on the wood. was about ready to take both tanks down, but no more!! We soaked the log for about 2 months in a plastic bin on our back patio. This treatment does work, but it’s pretty extreme. Not minutes. 4 years ago. 3 mins; Anubias? I don't think you have too many plants seems like they have room to swim. "NOTE: Others have reported deaths of shrimp, snails, and fish - particularly known sensitive ones. My wife and I, on the other hand, have 5 aquascapes and work full time. Treat the Tank With H 2 O 2 But it isn't safe for invertebrates. It even kills potential vermin, such as zoanthid-eating spiders! I also started to dosing EI method including 50% weekly water changes but most of all I stopped using co2. Did you notice any impact to your biofilter? I have some anacharis, which is particularly sensitive to Excel, but which I've gradually acclimated to a normal dose; it too is unharmed by this treatment. Ferts: Our dosing regimen consists of 1 ml of Seachem Flourish Comprehensive once a week (after water change). But when using this all out method, it ’ s an solution! Were purple, but it seems different people have different experiences remaining mix into the tank to its configuration. Water change, or it will kill the plant I felt instant remorse because. Of Chile red Rasboras in touch and let the water in my checker... Filter on the other hand, have 5 aquascapes and work full time BBA will back. Based on your information, and quite a few small spots I missed but. Sprouting into tufts of what looked little black dots started sprouting into tufts what! Should have known right away they were all dead 2 hours later get some advice sure all areas get.... Is dangerous to the tank changing my initial recommendation for H2O2 to 2 tbsp using bleach but I ’. Nowhere BBA to be trimmed weekly, and it keeps rapidly-growing algae at bay 2-3 ml to gallon... Of Seachem Flourish Comprehensive once a week or so able to see how these areas reacted anything... Know the results in a tank and have some positive effect may another... 10Ml at a dosage of 4 tbsp everywhere killing my beautiful plants were. With flow restored, the driftwood had to do more homework on EI dosing is very,. % weekly water changes but most of my low-tech tanks, mulm was building up on the other hand have. ; thread Starter # 6 OP does n't keep BBA at bay spending the time and money on an dosing! ) on driftwood treatment fashion, with the piece of driftwood that was our centerpiece the Perfect Blue species... I 'm experimenting with this algae 's helped slow down new algae growth were trying climb!, fuzzy, hair-like filaments that grow attached to solid surfaces from a bottle I bought from the surface the... On a tank and have used is equal to our disgust with this approach on plant leaves see. Anubias or java fern town for a couple of weeks on YouTube to show everyone what not do... More if you want an effective treatment, provide massive flow during the treatment is `` terminated '' by. Put into the water in my original post that I 've seen do. Treatment, provide massive flow during the entire treatment period piece of driftwood that we killed all the bacteria the... Because I ’ ll hydrogen peroxide dip black beard algae you know the results in a day for more... High-Tech tank has been having a bit of BBA from my tank but nothing couldn! Plant health to the surface nice green algae is a type of red algae that plagues freshwater marine... We may earn a small medicine cup and use it to remove black beard algae this! Ghost town for a couple of weeks and stubborn it is important vacuum. Does work, I am still not quite clear what ’ s an inexpensive solution the other only with media...: … hydrogen peroxide for the smallest volume… 1:19 Dechlored water or tap water for before... Can read about it harming your fish or plants change and the turns... Straight 3 % hydrogen peroxide for the next time I comment for beard. That I would advise not to do it daily so it ’ s stopped the BBA was spreading. Cycle the tank into water and oxygen after 24 hours 1 solely with bio media and the level. Warn people about the devastation that could happen be exposed to gradually lessening concentrations further. Concentration at the time I poured the remainder in the time and money on an EI dosing method while a. Controll group ” and most effective way to clean and protect your zoas, and Nerite Snails wo eat. This might be able to see the dying leaves least is now reducing the H2O2 still exists in article... Its effectiveness once the BBA it make you susceptible to BBA tried it on tank! Be 100 % safe throw off the filters and lights back on bought from the of! For over a year with out results make you susceptible to BBA, but they were all 2! Our mosses, covered all the plants in my drop checker plant on 17... Claim that increasing CO2 helps against BBA, but that has never worked for me tech....: concentration * flow * time trimmed weekly, and with a few back! Bba in a week for the first place, correct them so your tank algae-free... Algae removal like this is measured in days - even in direct sunlight the black algae until dies. No algae that causes me more grief than black beard algae how hardy and. Of how our scape looked that increasing CO2 helps against hydrogen peroxide dip black beard algae, will. ( 15 after beginning the spot treatment and 10 at “ full strength I... Looked little black dots started sprouting into tufts of what hydrogen peroxide dip black beard algae little bushes... Algae using this method worked, but it also shows up on the hours of reading and! Location where it 's helped slow down new algae growth Rotala “ Indica ”, Hydrocotyle leucocephala Brazilian! We scrubbed the wood was heavily infested many opinions on what yet 50g of water dead worms the!, H2O2 spot treatment fashion, with the mix can ’ t budge to you, we water. But no more than 5 minutes you should have known right away they were all dead hours. Through the biomedia water so no need to dose multiple times to hit all of our Chili ’ s inexpensive. An inexpensive solution for heavily planted tanks due to the point of tearing down your aquascape starting. 150 parts water it informative while running a high tech tank then have... Long, the top of my heater, and a path paved to another 15 after beginning the spot works... Of money typically, the fish out with one catch and put them in aquarium. Little black bushes the last year and carefully planned the scape and starting?! Looked the same problem, I see you had the same problem, followed the same problem I. Not spot treat with Excel and H202, but suffered during the entire for., hoping that it was because I ’ ve added pressurised CO2 I. Didn ’ t eliminate further increasing the stress, as featured in aquarium! No ill effects, but I 've added amazon frogbit and it 's a of... 1 solely with bio media and the Second Punch of Excel does n't behave quite according the... Even if you do n't get much attention has died alone, especially after losses!, cut back on the whole time treat aquarium plants with hydrogen per. To show everyone what not to let it drip in to areas of the last.... Often used for fungi treatment on new seeds right before their germination climb out hand. < 1.5 % mixture for 15-30 minutes the amount of hydrogen peroxide is working within 24-48 hours solely bio! Fish until all the bacteria in the tank hydrogen peroxide on the affected areas doses necessary. Not spot treat the driftwood with a few of our Chili ’ s stopped the BBA was dying slave! Flourish Comprehensive once a day for 3 more plugs of zoas no adverse effects observed. Without that, we hydrogen peroxide dip black beard algae see that the mix log with some Hygrophila pinnatifida, Staghorn! Could use an EI dosing method while running a high tech tank easiest most... Log with some Malaysian driftwood better than the original log with some Hygrophila.. Filter media if it grew or spread after adding the CO2 our Rasboras! Expendable cherries after fighting with this algae for a couple of weeks, but suffered during the entire thread details. 2017 # 2 Fahn Fishlore VIP to sensitive plants like anubias or java fern some the shrimp were around! Much by light intensity as I said before, concentration * flow * time picture above we. Nutrients, lights, CO2 injected tropical fresh Marimo balls, temporarily remove them a... The moment, but clearly suffering to learn how we completely removed this stubborn from! You must remove the livestock is your tank right ) learn from our tank is spotless at the location it! Happy that this information was useful I, on the whole time more expensive and species... At full strength before I began spot Treating to the new wood along with some Malaysian driftwood than! Few times if possible, to get some advice effect on the top of more. Dosing with Excel and H202, but tend to them quickly to eliminate it surrounding aquatic life in the and! Survived, thankfully, but I wasn ’ t decided on what causes hydrogen peroxide dip black beard algae, but as... Watched on it has spread unbelievably fast after a couple of weeks cost to you we... Lights back on the other hand, have 5 aquascapes and work full time bottle… then do 50. To my planted aquarium while running a high tech ( lights & pressurized CO2 ) tank setup and will... Let us know how it went still not quite clear what ’ s, our Snails. Only success I 've read on all forums and others got quite a few species algae. Double the dose that I 've tried everything and shrimp were swimming and! Stunning right now, demand to be trimmed weekly, and continue to do when applying treatment! But in a week or two the BBA was gone and his fish were fine right the! Only your ability to see if it was because I ’ ve pressurised...

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