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150mm Rockwool Hardrock Multi fix DD is manufactured from renewable volcanic stone which produces a non-combustible roofing insulation board. A cold flat roof is one where the insulation is between or between and below the roof joists. The existing ceiling is sound but provides no insulation. The rule of thumb for foil faced boards (like Thermapitch TP10 or Kooltherm K7) in this scenario is that you can have no more insulation under the joists than you have between the joists. Send Other files. ROCKWOOL provides insulation products for warm flat roofs which are versatile, cost effective and simplify the specification and installation of modern flat roof systems . Warm flat roofs do not need to be ventilated as the insulation is above the structure. A cold roof has the insulation placed below the structural deck, which thus remains cold. This will enable the airflow to circulate freely. It's on a garage/storeroom and is used as a non habitable room. See our flat roof insulation solutions. There is only a small gap between this ceiling and a concrete roof (cold roof, felt covered). This method has a low energy performance and can also cause damp and condensation due to warm air in the room and cold air in the roof colliding. I need to get insulation installed and then, presumably, plaster boards fitted. Installing the right insulation can go a long way to keeping homes warm throughout the winter months. Built Up Metal Roof. In case of an existing flat roof, insulation can be increased externally with extruded polystyrene or foamed glass, or internally with an insulated lining board such as mineral fibre or polyurethane foambacked plaster-board. The old roof beams were so badly rotted that all were replaced. I've built a timber frame to support a new plasterboard ceiling below the existing one. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation provides thermal, acoustic, fire-resistant and energy-efficient insulation solutions for commercial, manufacturing and process industries. A ventilation gap, usually 50mm, should be provided between the top of the insulation and underside of the roof covering to allow the air to flow across. In that case, the insulation is installed on the outside of the bearing construction. The insulation material is placed between the supporting joists, leaving a gap of 50-60mm between the roof and insulation. Download the ROCKWOOL Red Book Download . They are both suggesting a PVC roof but their insulation methods are different. A cold roof has some disadvantages, which is why people often choose a warm roof. Cold flat roof insulation. Built-up Metal Roof. The 60kPa roofing boards provide resistance to foot traffic during periodic roof maintenance. Discover more . Discover the benefits of ROCKWOOL concrete flat roof insulation today. The boards are compatible with a range of flat roof systems, including single-ply, EPDM and liquid membranes, bitumen, and green roofs. Cold weather, during Christmas, can cause a spike in associated health problems, especially for older people. Rockwool Hardrock Multifix DD Flat Roof Insulation comes with brilliant external noise control properties, reducing disruption caused by rain, loud machines and people. Files: 4263_155__Flat_Roof__Insula... (Revit) Download. This is used for refurbishment e.g. They are suitable for new and re-roofing ap- plications on metal deck or concrete deck. The simplest and cheapest roof insulation is the classic cold loft option. At Roofgiant, we stock warm and cold roof options for both flat and pitched roofs, providing you with everything from PIR to foil insulation to rafter roll and many other forms of insulation designed for your loft or attic space. Cold Flat Roof: Many properties use this option, as there are no additional costs for scaffolding or organising how to gain safe access to the roof exterior. ROCKWOOL insulation for flat roof and built up metal roofs have been designed to meet the demands of modern roof systems, providing durable solutions which simplify design and lower costs. Ventilation openings (either at the eaves or upstand). Technical Data Sheet Roof Insulation 07220* • Roof Insulation 07 22 00** Mineral Wool Board Insulation 07 21 13** ROCKWOOL TOPROCK ® DD is a dual-density, mineral wool insulation board for flat roofing applications. They’re referred to as “cold roofs” because any area above the insulation (i.e. Flat Roof Insulation High compression strength insulation for flat roofs. Roof Insulation. It’s time to put renovation at the top of the agenda Renovate today . Cold flat roofs are typically avoided as you’d need to install ventilation, which can prove problematic for many reasons relating to space, labour costs, etc. Warm flat roof insulation. The comprehensive range provides solutions for pipework, tanks, chimneys, boilers and cold boxes for temperatures as low as 200 C The roof may be described as “warm deck” or “cold deck” depending on whether the insulation is above or below the main solid roof layer. We create sustainable solutions to protect life, assets, and the environment today and tomorrow. Installing concrete deck insulation can significantly reduce your energy costs. Last year it was leaking, so I had it re-felted. EN . 2 3 ROCKWOOL roofing boards provide a one stop solution to roofing insulation requirements. We also have insulation boards suitable for more specialist roof applications, for example inverted roof insulation and balcony insulation. Also includes Euroclass A1 fire-resistant credentials and a sustainable, long-life, stable composition. Pitched roof – there are two options: warm or cold loft insulation. We also supply products from the most trusted brands such as Celotex, Kingspan and SuperFoil. It is not normally possible to spray or blow insulation into an existing void or attach insulation to the underside. Cold loft insulation for pitched roofs. I've had 2 builders look at it. Have recently had two "cold" flat roofs installed: one over a downstairs room and the other over part of the kitchen. It has a number of skylights, so a new warm roof wasn't possible. Consisting of a dense ROCKWOOL insulation slab bonded to a rigid 6mm exterior-grade fibre cement board, this combination of two non-combustible products provides an impact and weather-resistant insulation solution for flat roof upstands and parapet walls. Flat roof – there are three options available: warm deck, cold deck or inverted roof. ROCKWOOL's produce commercial non-combustible stone wool insulation for flat roof refurbishments like high-rise developments or large scale commercial units . Learn more about it today. Cold roof construction is the name for flat roofs where the insulation layer is below the roof deck. Making the most of the Green Homes Grant with ROCKWOOL Learn more . The question is - now I'm ready to re-board the ceiling I was wondering if I could insulated between the joists. Our range of high and optimum performance flat roof insulation products are suitable for use in a range of flat roofs. We have a wide range of roof insulation boards, including flat roof insulation, tapered insulation and pitched roof / loft insulation. I've got a cold flat roof which is closed on all four sides. So no ceilings at present.. ROCKWOOL have answered the need for a thermally efficient, non-combustible flat roof insulation by launching a new product, HARDROCK® (DD) TRB. The majority of domestic cold flat roofs use insulation ‘between and under’ the joists. Adding insulation to an existing flat roof generally requires the removal and replacement of some of the existing structure. I want to Insulate below a flat roof without removing the existing ceiling. Insulation for upstands and parapet walls . It is preferred to have the bulk of the insulation between the joists to reduce any risk of condensation. Solves common acoustic issues associated with flat roofs Warm Flat Roof. A cold flat roof is insulated from the inside: the insulation is placed underneath the roof covering and the roof construction. Flat Roof Insulation - Kingspan or Rockwool? • Cold Deck Flat Roof The thickness of insulation required will vary depending on the material you decide to use and the manufacturer’s specification. This may help with condensation, but causes such a loss of heat that it has been banned in Scotland. The insulation is below the deck, but above the plasterboard. ROCKWOOL rafter insulation uses the power of natural stone to conserve energy and protect against external noise. Flat roof insulation will minimize the escape of heat and as ROCKWOOL insulation is made of stone, it will act as a fire barrier as well as reducing the escape of heat from the building. It allows insulation to be added without having to replace the waterproofing on the existing roof or raising the roof line. This construction relies on a vapour control layer working effectively, and in tandem with a continuous ventilated airspace to disperse the water vapour to atmosphere before it reaches the cold deck and condenses. This can present a problem as colder areas are more susceptible to condensation. This method is especially applied to existing flat roofs which are restricted to a certain height. With solutions ranging from our OPTIM-R vacuum insulation panels to our Therma range of PIR insulation, we can provide the best solution for flat roof insulation for roofs with mechanically fixed, bonded or torch applied waterproofing systems. Older flat roofs which were insulated with wool type (rockwool) insulation, were fitted between the joists – if at all – with no damp-proof membrane or ventilation. A flat roof where the insulation sits below the waterproof membrane and above the structural deck is a warm roof deck. In addition, it can result in an increase in energy bills. The ROCKWOOL Group is the world’s leading supplier of innovative products and systems based on stone wool. Flat Roof Insulation. Flat Roof Insulation Flat Roof Plus ROCKWOOL Flatroof Plus insulation system provides superior mechanical strength to meet all challenges on the roof. refurbishing an existing timber joisted flat roof which has no insulation. 08-0127. This means there is a vapour control layer in the ceiling and cross ventilation at the eaves or the top of the walls. Insulation is placed over and between the wooden joists, above the ceiling of your home's top floor. Lots of traditional flat roofs are of the ‘cold roof’ construction type. ROCKWOOL built-up metal roof insulation products provide non-combustible stone wool insulation which is ideal for built-up metal roof applications. the roof deck, loft, or roof space) will be colder than the living space below. Thread starter teddymac; Start date 8 Mar 2011; T. teddymac Guest. 8 Mar 2011 #1 hi, I am getting a flat roof in an extension replaced and upgrading the insulation which is probably non-existent. One proposes using 2 layers of … Unique Dual Density Technology Learn more .

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