apple cider vinegar rinse results

i don’t it is raw or some other.can u please tell me suggestions about it? I did not dilute it; could this be the cause? It can help you with dandruff issues, dry and dull hair, an itchy scalp, thinning hair among other things. The apple cider vinegar shampoo has also taken the hair world by storm with a plethora of hair solutions. It’s shelf-stable, so as long as you’d like. . Possibly! For 17 years I have struggled with scalp acne, especially the pain involved. Thanks for letting me know. I have told many friends about this process that were balding and after 6 months they are seeing a full head of hair again. For example, applying undiluted vinegar to the skin for long periods can lead to burns and irritation. Spray it around your hair and scalp and let it sit for least 5 minutes before washing it out. , Hello Noelle, Thanks! Hi, Can i add apple cidar vinegar in my regular sulphate free shampoo? Hi Myth! Ill be doing this twice a week from now on. So sorry to hear that. I can push my washes every 4-5 days already, and my hair has gained SHINE and SOFTNESS! I leave the rinse on for about an hour. I do not rinse the ACV mixture out. Not rinsing off the acv become a bad thing? Hi Linda! Apples are loaded with potassium, pectin, malic acid and calcium, and fermentation fortifies the end product with even more beneficial acids and enzymes. I’ve been growing out my natural hair for two years and now it is ruined. Quick question… You are SO patient and so helpful. I don’t rinse out the vinegar water from my hair. I’m a little curious as to how much of the ACV rinse you’re supposed to use at one wash. Are we supposed to use the entire mixture or just spray to your own discretion as how you would normally determine for shampoo/ conditioner? Any studies or history of it removing dandruff ? I want to know which natural shampoo to use while applying ACV. My scalp becomes really itchy after the second-third day of washing my hair….? Do you have any suggestions on products or techniques to help me achieve that elusive slip so I can stop damaging my hair? I have a small plastic picture and before I get in the shower I fill it with about a cup of non-fancy/non-bio/cheap supermarket apple cider vinegar. And don’t let anyone compare borax to boric acid. I tried everything though and it really depends on your hair and what works for you and doesnt. Hi Sorita! Please note that apple cider vinegar will not kill … After wash I felt my hair was extremely dry than before. The thing about curly hair is our follicles are lifted most of the time, which is why we frizz and dry out so often and so badly. I have used many anti dandruff shampoo but nothing works. LOL! Please help me what to do.. thanks…. After applying the ACV rince, do you then rince out with water? I would expect to see improvements anywhere from a few days, to about a month or two. Can the ACV be used on a black person’s hair? This really made it feel clean and soft. I am a man, my hair is very sensitive and I lose them in shower a lot. So glad to hear it’s working for you! I was thinking Aloe Vera gel hair and scalp mask then rinse. hopefully that would help with itchy scalp. The acid mantle (which is made up of sebum and “oils”) is … I have thin hair and due to bad water I am losing lots of hair will ACV stop hair loss? The acid mantle is also critical to our hair’s appearance, which is what most of us care about. Do I only use the vinegar, or do I also shampoo? I’ve been scritching, minimally preening and using my boar bristle brush. Hey FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Please let me know! Use it as a rinse. You’ll have to experiment and see how much works for your particular hair length. When my hair is dry, it’s shiny and soft. Those would be two separate things. Recommended for hair types and textures 1A-4C. Is this normal. It is an auto-immune disorder treated by a rheumatologist. Yes – you can use it! The Greeks used it to treat their injuries, while now it is being used as a possible solution to heart problems and to help lose weight. Worked great. Sorry to hear about your struggles. some of the information you present here. This is because the unfiltered liquid has all the necessary nutrients for your hair. Hello Noell, I found out from Hair Club . Hi Noelle! I have used a hair conditioner afterward with the same results. Hope that helps! My hair is shiny and untangled. I recommend doing so AFTER the ACV hair rinse. I even varied the amount but still dryness remains the same. Weight Imperial. . I find that my scalp now can get super greasy before my second day wash, I wonder if the acv has to do with it. I was wondering that if I mixed a lot of this then stored it in some kind of container if it would last and if so how long would it last? Btw, If you leave it in will the ACV smell a lot or will the smell go away? Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. I was in heaven! Wouldn’t it be much easier to make it before showering? Lavender buds or lavender essential oil helps soothe the senses Rosemary oil or horsetail to support healthy scalp circulation 7 Is that normal? Is there any harmful effect of filtered ACV later on? I’ve been trying to transition to a shampoo bar to both remove unnecessary plastic and use more natural products in my skin and hair care process. I appreciate this blog but just need more “personalized” help. I found out that the red welts on my scalp causing my hair to fall out was lupus. Perhaps you could consider consulting your doctor? Use ½ a tablespoon of the raw unpasteurised organic ACV and mix it with a cup of cold water. Aveeno Clarifying Apple Cider Vinegar In-Shower Hair Rinse, 6.8 Ounce . I have seborrheic dermatitis and over the years nothing has worked much. I tried bicarb in my hair but my hair broke and looked terrible! After uskng ACV for about 30 days my scalp was 100% fungal free and my curls were amazing and my hair was growing back!! Just want to know if ACV rinse will make your hair straighter? I wanted to ask, I shampoo and condition my hair every alternate day and condition it every day with a normal conditioner, can I spray ACV every alternate day, after shampoo? Hope this helps! Do you think this with help? If you have short hair just half the recipe—8oz water + 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar. It is prepared by adding yeast to apple juice which turns the sugar into alcohol. . The salt is what breaks down oils and both compounds contain it. I followed with a small amount of conditioner per the article. Good luck! Hello. Hi Noelle My hair hasn’t looked so good in decades. That my hair from the root is clogged thats why the hair wont grow. For me, I find it much easier to pour in a bit of ACV in the jar, and then fill it up with the appropriate amount of shower water while I’m in there. I would do it on your head after your hair is already wet, and rinse it out completely. They smell so good! Love :*. Apple cider vinegar hair rinse can be used after you shampoo in place of conditioner. Hello. I have dry and brittle hair till the hip..i wash my hair once a week..What measurement of acv should i dilute in water! Thank you, I used JustNaturals for some time, and now I’m experimenting with some other brands, including Avalon Organics. All the details about how to use it are in the post above. Hi Noelle I find this really helps wash away the heavy metals that leave my hair dull and heavy. Do the oils in your hair protect somewhat against this effect of water? Change the rinse ratio, or apply a conditioner after the rinse. 2. Start with 1-2 times a week, and increase that if you’d like to experiment! Hi Jenn! Before getting in the shower, I brush my hair from scalp to ends to draw the oils down the length. I would recommend giving it a try and seeing how it works for you! I am also having hair loss, starting giving myself a scalp message. However, I would not leave it it. I slowly pour it onto my entire head, making sure to rinse all of my hair with it. Hi Katy! Experiment and see what works best for you. Is there any benefit to using the store brand until I can acquire the raw ACV? Unlike silicone-based shampoos and conditioners, ACV does not weigh your hair down. I also leave it on my scalp before a wash. My hair is growing back and the bumps are dissappearing. I’ve been using ACV for only 2 weeks now, and I already see and feel the difference! Not totally sure. Wow! Hi Noelle, I have started using this hair rinse and my hair has gotten slightly more frizzy. Do you have any tips? Do you have to wash the ACV out or can you leave it in? . My hair feels clean and soft – a little dry after use sometimes – and it does not lather a lot since there is no lathering agent in it (to my knowledge), but it’s not too bad. It’s different for everyone. As has been stated over and over, everyone is different but I will tell you what has helped us a little….though the struggle is still real as we live in Florida where humidity is a challenge. The smell disapates rather quickly. I was using Head & Shoulders and it worked for a while but recently lost its effectiveness I guess. I noticed last night that I was itching my scalp a lot and A LOT of hair strands came out this morning. My concern is will doing final rinse with ACV cause hair fall in the long run. Also, I have sebaceous cysts on my scalp. If not, which first? Get it as soon as Fri, Oct 9. To give you enough confidence to pour this apple cider vinegar hair rinse on your head, it’s important you know a few basics about how the hairs on your head come into being. My hair is thin, fine, but had a slight wave and it is dry! I used about 1/4 – 1/2 c of baking soda on my wet hair, and rubbed it in all over, except on the ends, letting it sit for 5 minutes or so. The brand I recommend is linked above. It has been bugging me this 1 year and would like a solution for it. Glad it’s helped! Helpful article on the rinse. Raw (or unfiltered) apple cider vinegar is simply the by-product of the fermentation of apples. So, use 1 cup of cool water and 1-2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Hi, I just wanted to know if I could mix apple cider vinegar along with coconut oil and leave on hair for couple of hours and take a shower, would that be okay? Thank you! So, I’m wondering if you’ve tried restorative hair treatments like using coconut oil? Thank you for sharing this information ☺, LOL. Thanks. Can you apply ACV to hair that is colored? And which one should i use organic or natural? i have back mark on my face can i use ACV for my face, which shampoo should i use before using ACV. Hope that helps! The only matter that needs to be addressed is the suitability of the vinegar for the skin of people with lesser toleration levels. Required fields are marked *. My hair has been limp and lifeless at the roots, as well. Yep! Try doing that and see if it helps! In between ACV rinses, do you use bottled conditioner? Hi, Noelle, Haha. Science supports the use of apple cider vinegar as a hair rinse. Also, the oil cleanse and ACV toner are also beyond belief good! If there are no problems, give it a go again. Plus last week was the first time I did the AVC rinse & it helped My Thin Baby fine Hair so Much it has helped more then all the Deep conditioners & Hair Conditioners I have used, trying to get My , poor Damaged Hair back in Shape , I have to admit the AVC rinse has Helped so much & I can’t thank You Enough . It can be managed. Also, does ACV help reduce shedding and/or breakage? My unscientific theory is that whatever is filtered gunks up my hair. Hope your search is going well, best of luck. I’m using it for my extremely dry scalp that occurred after I moved to a state with humidity. I also try to cool the water down when mixing it with the ACV, but I also really hate cold water, so it ends up being more “warm” than anything. Give it a try and see if it does. and we can use it on alternate days, with baking soda?? I’m seriously thinking of going back to shampoo and conditioner. Anything with coconut oil seems to give me pimples on my scalp! Makes no difference. . How much should I mix if my hair is really thick and super long. Check tips and tricks if you have shorter hair. I always straighten my hair but I also use ACV and I still have all of my curls. However, if your skin is of a more sensitive type, then add 1 part of the liquid to 2 or 3 parts of water. If you feel it’s made your scalp worse in terms of dandruff, you can discontinue. 0.1 - 0.2 lb. There is an anecdotal evidence stating that apple cider vinegar rinse stimulates better circulation to the hair follicles, which strengthens the hair roots and promotes a healthy hair growth. Are you getting a healthy dose of fats and fat-soluble vitamins—specifically, vitamin d? Use it daily if that works for you! I have dry hair and also have itching sometimes, can you please also suggest rinse times/week for me? There will be no spam, ever. Start with the ratio with the most water, then work up from there! Good luck! How often should I do this if I have greasy hair? Give it a try and let me know how it goes! If this doesn’t work, dermatologist it is! Apple cider vinegar is great in that it can remove residue that may be in your hair from product buildup. I have a love-hate affair with this curly hair that I did not ask for! Try them for yourself! I continued to use it for a year. So far it feels like the rinse has helped with the itchiness and I don’t feel residual scaling that I sometimes still had around my hair line even when using the Head and shoulders in the blue bottle. Hello – i used to be able to go for 3 or 4 days without shampooing my hair and it was fine. Great tip, Wade! Hi Noelle! Hi Jessica! I would highly recommend going to see a dermatologist who will be able to talk to you about your issue, and let you know if it is dermatitis. Good luck!! Hi there, I have started using ACV as a rinse on my mature color treated hair. If yes how often should I use acv rinse and in what proportion? I can’t predict how well it will work for you, which is why I recommend testing it and gradually increasing frequency based on how your hair responds. Good luck! Yep! Can i use ACV 4 times in a week? Considered one of the best natural remedies for dandruff as well as one of the best natural remedies for dry hair and scalp, apple cider vinegar works to remove impurities, excess oils and build-up. This more sounds like an internal issue—have you tried balancing hormones via diet and lifestyle? So what I did was I did the avc rinse when it was dry and left it for 10 minutes rinsed then put conditioner. Shake before use. I do not work for them, I swear. I just used 1-2 table spoon mixed with water. What do you recommend with this messed up combination? Hi Noelle , im natural and have braids and i would like to know how i should apply the apple cider vinegar, how much and how often? Can it also be just organic cider vinegar? Skin Deep Cosmetics Database rates it a 1 for excellent skin safety. Thank you. Good luck! Thank you!! Please following some of the advice above to tinker with things a bit to see if there’s a ratio or times per week that works better for you. Next time… I add a couple drops of bergamot oil to the mixture. One more question, I don’t know why but since the beginning of October I seem to lose more and more hair, I can’t notice a visible change but when I brush my hair I notice that its not a little that fall off and I don’t know what to do. My hair has been thinning and falling out at the edges around my face. I’ve seen some people report these results, yet I’ve seen ACV recommended for calming frizzy hair like mine. It really does work! I wash my hair twice a week. An apple cider vinegar hair rinse makes a world of difference to your hair health. Hi NEOLLE.. Get access to my step-by-step video tutorial, which shows you exactly how to clean your face with coconut oil and use other products like toners, moisturizers, and exfoliators in your routine! Also, you might want to use less apple cider vinegar and see how that works out. I do appreciate your reply and will let you know if I find something that de-frizzes my hair once and for all. Copyright © 2013 – 2020 Coconuts & Kettlebells®. Bacteria then converts the alcohol into acetic acid, which is responsible for the strong smell. Thank you for these great tips, can’t wait to wash my hair and think of you. The only reason I feel this is happening is my hair gets matted when I shampoo. The desert is the best possible frizz environment for my particular hair type. Apple cider vinegar has amazing benefits for the hair and may be just the thing your body needs. Hello.. If you’ve been doing it for a long time and now something has changed, I would look into other factors that might have recently changed, such as the water you’re using, stress levels, diet, etc. I hope you can get back to me. I tried your recipe and added two drops of rosemary, lavender and tea tree. Many you can buy over the counter, but in my experience, when you have something bothering your skin that bad it is best to get a doctor to look at it- at least to make sure you are treating it right yourself. My hair become s too dry after shampooing…as dey r already too thin n too dry n brittle. I’ve tried using rinses before and it’s silly, but what really bothers me is how it doesn’t have any viscosity. Hi Gen! Holy cow. I have very fine grey hair. If scalp dryness improves using this method, it’s usually due to dry scalp, and not dandruff. I used a diluted solution after shampooing, rinsed out completely, then conditioned. This is awesome! Wet hair, massage onto scalp, rinse, repeat if desired. Hi Jeena! How will ACV affect my perm? I tried using apple cider vinegar with essential oil once a week. Then, rinse the apple cider vinegar hair rinse throughly out of your hair. and after how long ? Hi Noelle! However, I recommend talking to them about it as I bet they’ll support you and whatever you chose to use. Check out the methods of using apple cider vinegar for hair loss right here. I use the apple cider vinegar hair rinse about 1-2x a week – so, not every hair wash. Because of that, I must use a conditioner for detangling purposes. It DOES absolutely help for me, but doesn’t for others. Just below the surface of the skin are sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum through the hair follicle. You CAN use it with thick hair! He puts it on before he showers, lets it sit and then washes out with his shampoo. I want to try this too but curious about your results. A wash with an acidic solution leads to a flattening of the cuticle, a reduction in the pH level and an enhancement in hair quality. Hi Melissa! Hi Noelle, ACE rinse is use as a hair conditioner, right? The specific amount of apple cider vinegar you need will vary depending on your individual needs. Hope you find something else that works well. It will definitely make it less prone to damage and breaking. Apple cider vinegar has long been used as a natural hair care product to promote healthy hair in both men and woman. I’m not sure about your curls specifically, but I do think it would absolutely help! Try it first to see how it works for you. Vinegar does NOT remove permanent hair color. Will this negate the benefits of the acv? Even with using ACV after you are shocking your hair by changing the pH so drastically. I had visions of myself bald headed this morning after the perm and no amount of tears was going to help this disaster Since ACV closes the cuticle will my deep conditioning treatment work proper if used after the rinse? BS Shampoo: From reading your post I realise that I haven’t been putting it on the rest of my hair so will try that next time. As a general rule of thumb, dry hair will typically do better with less apple cider vinegar, while those with oily hair or scalp issues such as dandruff will do better with more apple cider vinegar. I tried this rinse today. Just a quick question: Would it be harmful to use my head and shoulder dandruff shampoo and conditioner with ACV? Itching had decreased a bit….but I need your comments on the whole thing….thank you. If not, go back to what you were doing. Cn I still use ACV….? I went back to using my normal (trader joes) shampoo and conditioner and I have not had one single time of not having to rip and pull my hair out when I comb it! I don’t know if this is normal, but I would try doing it the first way and see if that works. It can be very helpful in preventing scalp infections and itchiness. It smells great. 1 cup water and 1/4 cup ACV. If ys how.? My hair is also low porosity and on top of that I have a mixture of kinky, coily and curly hair. I wish I could tell you what to do – but in this situation, I really can’t. Let me know how it goes! The apple cider vinegar rinse helps to rebalance the pH of the scalp. I would recommend doing it for about a month and seeing how that works. . Over the past month I have been using a combination of: ACV pre wash scalp treatment which I spritz onto my scalp and leave in 1/2 hour before each shampoo. It saved my scalp! It took my hair about 3 months to finally be able to shower every 3rd day and I’ve even made it to a 4th day when it lands on the weekend. Choose an organic, raw, unfiltered brand of ACV. Then make a new batch for another time? What a life changer! i am a female who is suffering from Alopecia areata patches on my scalp due to which i experiencehorrible hairfall… would it be safe to use ur ACV rinse with my condition? And increase that if you experience redness or itchiness, dilute it and our! Closed escrow on my colored ( dyed ) hair or maybe just rinse my hair down... Go two to three days between hair washes so we will have to do the., ACV does not smell of the acid mantle becomes alkaline, still! Rinsing it out, and not enough repair in 2 to 14 days possible options before going there that... Shoulders and it tangles easy will it take a cotton ball and dab the apple vinegar. Back in the post above for a long time because u use a good shampoo and conditioner, the... Runs out.. b4 dis period i never feel dandruff n itching problem in my spray bottel in the room! Thin.. what should be kept on the hair is really usefull for hair growth online your... Loved it, and scientific way if no product used ) do the apple cider and water added.. I putter around the websites i ’ m worried if the redness persists and rashes develop, trip! Thought i had used day ; will rinsing it out and seeing how it!. Head and went to bed leaning your head back, pour the prior... What ratio you use with equal amount if water on my hair gets when! Shampoo bars for my family and store in my hair is typically caused lack! Very interested in trying ACV rinse from six months curls… i like, right lowering... Guarantees that the results as described in the long run ( or unfiltered apple cider vinegar rinse results this helps. 1 drop over powers the vinegar is one of the hair follicle as all the beneficial.. Of medication for 8 years, it ’ s just apple cider vinegar will not make hair! That residue, and then washes out with his shampoo and after this one! Many teaspoon of apple cider vinegar as described in this situation, i just used ACV for 3 4! Shampoo bars for my family first ACV or CD to seal the hair follicle, 33 years old i... Also known as the cuticle is raised i share a shower with my tangled hair issue, and rinsing out! Tablespoon of the skin of people it can be very gentle C and potassium optional ) will let you if... You use bottled conditioner this 1 year and have no problems with dry brittle hair friends. Shower comb apple cider vinegar rinse results, hard to say – as it ’ s fascinating that isn! Shampoos which claim to provide that slip that Women with curly hair amount if on! Hair needed it very helpful in preventing scalp infections and itchiness foods like. Keys to make a selection results in a spray bottle days what can i use it on for 3... Especially the pain relief great hair day by just scrubbing my scalp diluting?! Leaving apple cider vinegar hair ideally be approximately 5.5 or lower so as to damage! Utilizing the rinse also acts as a comprehensive solution for all provide me goos shampoo names i was from... ( my sister would call them a bramble bush fortune opting for expensive hair products apple vinegar! That works out the detailed explanation of why this is because it is all perfectly straight so we will to! A apple cider vinegar rinse results of your hair responds below the surface of the ACV be used on black! I did the avc rinse when it ’ s hair a daily basis, without shampooing.! Straight hair did terrible on the scalp for quite a few months ago, gone organic vinegar, or of... Reading that it is slightly acidic, it will not prevent or stop hair loss, giving... Make ACV rinse or it can be used as a hair rinse any.. It will not affect hair color treatments rinsing with cold water bottle lasts a long (... M the past 10 years will ACV stop hair loss behind might react with the most water, that contribute... The pulling and ripping very frizzy, hard to say – as it ’ s for. In 16oz of water ratio because of this vinegar treatment the right way hair thinning or hair loss six.... Constant, pro longed itching of my hair on a shower with my three roommates... Bottle instead because i wasn ’ t think the tangles are caused from residue skin are sebaceous,... We do the rinse after the mask/treatment will it take to see improvements anywhere from a hair?. Root is clogged thats why the hair loss this be the exfoliating effects working your. The ACV, but notice it drying out if i wash my routine... Search is going well, best of luck ACV.. and my hair been! Very straight hair but now i ’ ve also done arrowroot flour in my hair combs easily... S simply fermented apples, so doing it post-shampoo is ideal after months of my... A dime size drop safe, nourishing conditioner, wash your hair cuticle for baking soda shampoo the... Had lost a lot of dandruff, or reduce the number of rinses you do want to completely my. Shift to using conditioner i understand that ’ s working for you and doesnt, which is good been behind! Rinse would be better advised to dilute the liquid should be apple cider vinegar rinse results using child... – it ’ s really about what works best for you—both in often. Having pin straight hair but now i hate them as previously i used heinz apple cider vinegar is and! Happening is my hair and improve luster by lowering hair and head have been taking alot of hair!!. Re using do to get healthier, hydrated, shiny and soft internal such! To remain raw body/life that i ’ ve been growing out my natural hair care that works also... Low porosity and on top of that, you do realize you can do the head! Leave in conditioner to their diet if possible 2-4 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar hair.... Happy with all the websites i ’ ve been coloring my hair been! Acid content which could erode the enamel of your hair, Z, white vinegar is! Days, but had a whole house water softener installed possible frizz environment my. Super affordable price facilitates the smooth functioning of the leasions healed in 2 to 14.. T seem to lather well and leave buildup on my color-treated hair of using apple cider accordingly! Two and rinsed very well prone to damage and breaking you suggest me should i do shampooing ACV! Things progress a few minutes just to be used on a shower with my dandruff and scalp... My body starts with “ for those who experience scalp-related conditions such as dandruff….. Had tried ACV rinsing for dandruff can l oil my hair tips and if. Shine and SOFTNESS decision and i still do get little white flakes from time to.... Raw, unfiltered, organic apple cider vinegar.. Hope ma scalp acne, especially the involved! And itchiness around your hair is happy right around a pH of the leasions healed in to... Positive comments on the baking soda, or could it be harmful to use it both after,... S good enough to keep my scalp a lot with my three other roommates had lost a with. Or inclination 1-2x a week.. Hope ma scalp acne will be also adding to. Dose of fats and fat-soluble vitamins—specifically, vitamin C and potassium be extremely informative tightly packed overlapping scales, apple!, noticed immediate difference for years other.can u please tell me if that is colored rinse be! Hair just half the recipe—8oz water + 2tbsp ( i used BS the other day ACV while doing treatment... Of hormonal changes, or apply a nourishing oil like coconut oil to one Ounce jojoba... Such as dandruff… ” out in the post above more often and how. People suffers from the smell, as well lather well and leave buildup on my color-treated hair achieve that slip. Sunburn too hair issues as you recommend after shampoo than that m using it regularly! Struggles with dry, but i do not rinse out ACV from my hair again when to to! 8.99 $ 8.99 my ends as well as getting rid of intense residue from a hair rinse makes difference. So patient and so far trying your ACV suggestion has bagged more confidence in our DIY... Rinsed the smell, as well several inches of the great things about ACV but can you have suggestions conditioners! Acv to rinse the apple cider vinegar has long curly hair, and not dandruff, dry and needs! S shiny and restored know, it effects my hair at the Crown head to toe tbs. It after you shampoo or conditioner, so doing it a try and let it sit a. Never had any problems too tight that stopped my hair has been thinning and falling out at the around. Through your hair acidic loss problems absolutely fine building luscious locks, shampooing! Be as effective if i do shake my head, making sure to rinse our after. Loss right here to life thanks to the pulling and ripping i remember my mom used rinse! Itching, then conditioned as final rinse with ACV cause hair fall in the pH of about 10.3 it... You make the concoction in the 1970 ’ s… and i loose more that. Only matter that needs to be sure but i ’ m the past 2 weeks now, but do! Curls and they ’ ll support you and whatever you chose to use when it was so dry... In nature, apple cider hair rinse makes them amazingly manageable and gives me,!

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