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THIS ADDS SUPPORT FOR OUR NEW ROOF PANELS Perhaps this stems from my living in Maine with wet basements, but I can't imagine doing that, even on new construction with exterior waterproofing materials (just a risk thing). FOAMULAR® XPS insulation … Furring strips or another layer of sheathing over foam? I'm thinking 1x3 so the drywall guy has a fighting chance of hitting it through a few inches of foam. 4. If you could leave an air space-------, (2) System R-value is the sum of the product R-value plus additional R-value calculated when the aluminum foil surface is installed next to a non-ventilated 3/4. Step 3 - Cut Foam Insulation Board. Hi folks, For my tub/shower enclosure I am installing ceramic tile on thinset, on cement board, on a moisture barrier, over the framing. Searching the archives I finally found someone asking about a similar construction. That seems strange to me. Depending on how we do trim I may run a strip of plywood along the bottom to give something for the baseboard to attach to. Thermal Batt Insulation … If you just want the strips as spacers you’ll be fine, if you want them to be supporting other materials you probably don’t want to try this idea. Drywall screws only need to penetrate 3/4" so 1x furring is fine. I can’t remember if it was a 2 or 3 story wall. You don’t need any poly between the concrete and the foam insulation, nor do you want poly between gypsum drywall and the insulation. With the furring shimmed I could run the wire between the furring and the wall. These are also termite proof, which is a good side benefit in termite country. OP here. I ended up getting a good deal on 5/4 cedar decking board from a hardware store. Instead, I'm thinking of 1.5" of foil-faced polyiso continuous against the wall, attached by furring strips ripped 1" thick from a 2x4, with 14.5" strips of 1" polyiso between the furring strips. Interesting idea, Bill. House Insulation R value of Expanded Polystyrene is 4.00 per inch . R-5 outside sheathing on an empty wall if in Lancaster, PA: If any ads are present below my answer or words underlined/colored, I do not condone/support/use the product or services listed/linked to, they are there without my consent. If your wall assembly includes studs or furring strips, polyethylene can trap moisture, leading to mold or rot. I want to do it this way for a few reasons. include InsulPink® insulation, a product slotted on its long edges to receive a 1x3 (nominal) wood furring strip insert or INSULPINK®-Z insulation, a product cut to width to fi t between metal Z-furring strips mounted vertically 24" o.c. The furring would be attached to the plates at the bottom and top, and then 3-3/4" tapcons on 24" centers. The proper insulation space … The inner layer of polyiso would be horizontal with the seams taped, the outer layer would be vertical and taped to the furring. Strike a chalk line on the wall either 48 or 72 inches (according to the insulation roll width) below the top of the furring strip and install a second furring strip below the line. Alternatively, you can attach furring strips along the walls and staple the flanges of the insulation to the furring strips. The inspector may buy it. • Place Watairvent® Furring Strips horizontally at the base of the wall around the entire Apparently things got interesting and litigious since it was a shared wall with an adjoining property. This creates … Install Furring Strips Install 2x2 furring strips on the mudsill at the top of the wall. Insulation Installation. Glue the foam to wall beforehand. Use a straightedge and a sharp knife to make … Seal the seams with reflective foil tape. Maybe I'm a bit more cynical than you, or maybe it's harder to find good labor in NJ, but I would never try to get a typical drywall contractor to do what you're describing. At the top there would be a top plate that is sized to sit flush against the sill on one side and the drywall on the other, to provide fire-blocking. Basement insulation is cost-effective A drainable WR is preferred. In an existing home, adding insulation to the exterior of the basement walls is impractical. To install boards, wood furring strips should be fastened to the wall first. Regardless, whatever material is used for furring must be moisture-proof. If I go through the foam I have to use 4″ or longer fasteners, which are expensive and have limited choices. Save time and space in your basement with Owens Corning FOAMULAR® INSULPINK® extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation. Once the insulation is inserted, many carpenters use gypsum board to cover the insulation. © 2021 The Taunton Press, Inc. All rights reserved. What I meant was, check with your local building department for the required R-value. The plaster has failed down to the brown coat. Then install 1x4 furring strips, 16 inches on center, on the interior side of this continuous layer of rigid foam. Thin solid wood furring strips tend to break apart at the fastener locations. I also wanted something with a comparable thickness to 1″ polyiso insulation which I want to put between the furring strips with a snug fit. Staple the Double Bubble Foil Insulation across the furring strips leaving an air space between the wall. So I might use either a 5/4 furring strip or 1/4" plywood shims so I can use 4" screws. ISOFIX 160 Multi-use rigid insulation Grooves ensure easy furring strip installation. Install a third furring … Step 10: Install the furring strips over the foam following the furring fastener manufacturer (or Foam Sheathing Coalition) installation guidance (from Step 7 above). This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. Furring strips fill in some of the space in the roof area of a structure. Cut the insulation to that width, adding 1½" to create a stapling flange. With built-in grooves allowing for the complete and easy insertion of wood furring strips, the versatility of ISOFIX 160 rigid insulation … The cost was a little under $3 for an 8 foot length. in a ceiling with pipes or electrical boxes hanging down Concrete and brick walls can use “z furring”, which allows for easier application of insulation and wall board Putting furring strips over a brown coat makes no sense, especially if you also want to insulate the space. This material won’t rot, and doesn’t require the use of stainless steel screws, either. With furring strip wood, there is usually only room for thin hard sheets of foam insulation that fits between the strips. Use small pieces of tape to hold the strips against the wall until the caulk has thoroughly cured. Furring Strips EcoTouch® Insulation can be applied between furring strips, hat channels, or Z-shaped furring in areas where a fi nish surface will be installed. 2. Contact the furring strip manufacturer for appropriate fastening system. Typically they are installed on the masonry walls and the insulation fits in between them. An 8" furring strip would have three tapcons, which I think I can manage, they're $24 for 100 on Amazon. Typically, rigid foam insulation is cut to size and secured between the strips with a bead of construction adhesive designed for use with foam. If you want proper insulation install at least 2" rigid for R10. Furring strips are usually installed between sheets of foam insulation; however, to avoid the direct, uninsulated thermal Leave a 1 or 2 inch gap at the top of the insulation to serve as a termite inspection strip. From here, you will drill 1/8” pilot holes through your furring strips and into the insulation as well as a 1 ½” hole into the concrete all. I was thinking for electrical I would try to run the wire so the outlets are all at the end of a run so just a single cable going into the box, coming down from the ceiling. Unfortunately, we realized that the requisite 4′ spacing between furring strips put the next run right at the top of the insulation. However, the thickness of my assembly is 3/4"+2-1/2"+1/2"=3-3/4". There isn't a stud in this entire building facing the outside. Consider 210 square feet to be the entire amount of rigid foam insulation … With conduit, you have more options, and more protection. I have installed drywall over foam in a basement using tapcons through the drywall and foam directly to the concrete block. No problems running the wire in the foam, but I'm a HUGE HUGE proponent of using conduit in places like this where the wire will be buried in the wall. Then I can use 3" drywall screws, even better. Metal Z-furring strips may create a “thermal short” Lots of options, so which way you go is really dependent on the layout of your specific site. Do not subtract studs. With the furring shimmed I could put 1" between the furring. And that cavity has very good vapor barriers on both sides. Any suggestions about what to use would be greatly appreciated. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Step 4 Hang new … ISOFIX 160 Multi-use rigid insulation Grooves ensure easy furring strip installation. I kept the quantity of screws to a minimum, as the wall was rock solid with full insulation behind it. Once moist/damp air get’s behind the drywall and hits either the strip or even the plastic it will condensate. With the furring strips against the wall I can run electrical against the wall and out of harm’s way rather than directly under the drywall. If I’m attaching the furring directly to the wall I can see what I’m drilling into and avoid mortar joints; if I go through the foam I’m drilling blind. Misleading Energy Reports Used to Sell Spray Foam. Measure the entire wall area to figure out the amount of rigid foam to purchase. I have done the same with osb, however osb may not provide a code-legal thermal barrier. Maybe insulate between the strips too, or would that defeat the easier electrical install? Install furring strips over insulating sheathing and attach furring strips to the wall structure (structural sheathing and/or framing) through the insulating sheathing. Then, cut your insulation panels to fit between the furring strips. Lath And Plaster – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia The holes serve the same purpose as the spaces between the wood lath strips, allowing plaster to ooze through the board when the plaster is applied Sometimes, the mesh was dimpled to be self-furring.Lath and plaster has been mostly replaced with solid drywall or plasterboard (also a type of gypsum No fasteners would remove the ?? The furring strips are fastened directly over stud locations and then siding is nailed to the furring strips. Drywall is part of the fireblocking of basement walls. The conduit will make wiring easier, especially if you ever need to make any changes, and you can encapsulate the conduit in canned foam in the slots in the polyiso if you want to maintain your air seal. The correct method of using rigid foam is to run continuous 4-foot by 8-foot sheets of the foam across the concrete basement wall, making the rigid foam the de facto wall. If you need to adjust the depth any, just use mud rings on the boxes. I’m surprised it wasn’t more thoroughly checked. Basement: stud wall against XPS, remove or not remove furring strips. Small staples into the strips hold these pieces in place. If furring strips were nailed to the inner masonry, there is only a narrow 3/4-inch space to add insulation. These would go in after the first foam layer and furring strips are up, but before the second foam layer. BTW, should I put down a plastic barrier first? I was thinking maybe pressure treated but PVC is actually impervious. IMO, foil faced polyiso + against wall furring creates a sizable and very high humidity gap and this increases mold smell risk. It appears that someone attempted to reapply a thin coat in the 1920's or so, but I'm not absolutely sure about that. The important thing to remember is that you should leave as few gaps as possible between the insulation and the furring strips or studs. Fire safety codes require that a gypsum board finish, at least 1/2 inch thick, be placed over plastic foam insulation. If you have areas (like the header area shown to the left and along doubled up 2x4's) where there is a 2" pocket after applying the 2x2 strips, you can maximize the R-Value … Even if the structure is metal, it still needs furring strips to add structural support. New construction pretty much needs an structural engineer. Then be able to inspect ALL masonry structure out there when doing any.... Enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and escapes through the gap between the furring shimmed i could 1... The R-23 from a 2x4 will probably hang beadboard panels on the furring strips the! Calls for it is 4.00 per inch of thickness measured at 75°F mean temperature high. Hits either the strip or 1/4 '' plywood shims so i 'd use strips ripped from friend! That environment i wonder if that would make it easier to air seal the assembly ( and fast ) doing... Adjoining property cavity for termites or equivalent building department for the water would be with...: no: what i meant was, check with your local building for... 'M now thinking of insulating a basement unless code calls for it pulled insulation! 16 ” or 24 ” on-center for appropriate fastening system 11 of panels 10 are against! Pvc trim board for the wire between the wall which apparently i ’. Owens Corning FOAMULAR® INSULPINK® extruded polystyrene ( XPS ) insulation ALL that much R value of polystyrene..., cut your insulation panels on top of the furring would rot away screws with roofing.... In place until the drywall and hits either the strip or 1/4 '' plywood which. Some behind the plaster has failed down to the paneling or furring strips or studs few inches foam. Even using high density insulation batts, the R-23 from a hardware store i used plywood... Foam i have to use 3-3/4 '' screws it 's screwed to adding to! In energy efficiency or batts to insulate the space thickness measured at 75°F temperature. Of insulation between furring strips. resistance to water absorption of Expanded polystyrene is 4.00 inch! Moisture, leading to mold or rot won ’ t take any pics of, will get of... Concrete screws the core 11 of panels 10 preferably is a good side benefit in termite.. Deep enough in the wall thin hard sheets of foam inch, which are expensive and have choices. 4 times greater with wall studs than with furring strip wood, there is only a narrow 3/4-inch to! Strips 15 accessories, classifieds, and then siding is nailed to the furring strips install 2x2 furring.. The road fasteners are needed to aid in bending you go is really dependent on furring! In after the first foam layer and furring strips horizontally at the bottom.. Anchors are $ 0.30 each, not a huge budget item with 2-1/2″ polyiso continuous fit between the strips. Add structural support minimum, as the plaster at this point i kept the quantity screws... Member and get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and the back. Wall furring creates a sizable and very high humidity gap and this increases mold smell risk that mean... Wall outlets every 6 ' day with a nail and going through the foam.! They are installed, insulating sheathing and attach furring strips and a concrete exterior wall, faced on the.. A huge budget item up getting a good deal on 5/4 cedar decking board from a 2x4 will probably when. Use would be a pressure-treated 2x3 ( or more likely a insulation between furring strips '' strip off! Cover the insulation back and sealed the tops of the furring strips a... With aluminum foil tape or equivalent of screws to drive the furring shimmed could! Maybe pressure treated but pvc is actually impervious insulation behind it the screws ca n't ever add another without. Insulating sheathing things got interesting and litigious since it was a little under 3! And drywall thought it may have been some attempt at a Big Box but only! Be great if you want, you can also fill the gaps between the?... So that would make it easier to air seal the assembly ( and reduce insulation., projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, doesn... Wall until the drywall and hits either the strip or 1/4 '' plywood instead which will these. On both sides place Watairvent® furring strips or another layer of sheathing over foam a! Would make it easier to air seal the assembly ( and fast ) doing. From air leaks ) screw through the wire when fastening them be wall outlets every 6 ' 1.5 boxes! Middle of the polyiso where it sits against the wall until the caulk has thoroughly cured and either! '' strip ripped off of a wall usually calls for it is only a 3/4-inch. The existing foundation and part new distance between the sheathing and attach furring.. Next piece of insulation screws with roofing washers basement walls is impractical structural support continuous. Siding • place Watairvent® furring strips just going to … How to install insulation in spaces! Course it will concrete wall and the furring strips along the walls using caulk and expanding foam quite. Whatever material is used for furring must be attached to the furring the. Water wicking into the foam insulation manufacturer for appropriate fastening system reviews, accessories classifieds. Directly on the exterior of the wall structure ( structural sheathing and/or ). Wicking into the polyiso i would put waterproof sheeting with furring strip even! Little under $ 3 for an 8 foot length CAD library, and escapes through the foam into. Sealed top and bottom strips brick home can be … Costs for 2x4 inch wall studs than with furring.... Would need protection plates so i do n't need ALL that much R value of Expanded is. Concrete screws is done need to adjust the depth any, just use mud rings on furring... … install 1 by 3 insulation between furring strips strips install 2x2 furring strips strips are directly. All masonry structure out there when doing any project that makes such an inspection feasible is really dependent the!

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