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Bryn began playing with his own French press at home. The classic French press brewing method has stood the test of time; however, the process of extracting the brew from the beans is always changing. The Bodum Brazil does the same job as the Chambord for almost half the price, just in a less attractive plastic body. {video} ... James Hoffmann revisits French press brewing. Pressed coffee is more full-bodied and textured than other brews, but also more muddy, because the French press’s mesh screen is more porous than a paper filter. from James Hoffmann Plus 12 years ago The French Press/Press Pot/Plunger Pot/Cafetiere is by far the best coffee brewer you can buy when it comes to the ratio of price and coffee quality. That said, it's a GREAT coffee table book. After putting in over 16 hours of research and testing, speaking with several baristas, testing six top contenders in a blind-tasting panel, and making more than 40 cups of coffee, we think the Bodum Chambord is the best French press for most casual coffee drinkers. But it costs twice as much as its glass twin. -Anonymous (Not James Hoffman) 23. Written by Phil. The Best Brews from Around the World. Much like a French press, Duo’s brewing chamber lets coffee grounds hang out in hot water for a full immersion and robust extraction. But according to James Hoffmann, you’re probably using it wrong. You may have read somewhere that French press coffee raises your cholesterol or your risk of heart disease. If you watch James Hoffman's video on using a french press, that's what I did with this. In practical terms, this ratio would require 63 grams of grounds to make a full 32-ounce pot. When it comes to brewing a simple cup of coffee fast, nothing beats a French press. If you’re willing to pay more for a press that preserves as much of your beans’ brightness and flavor as possible, we recommend the Espro Press P3. There are numerous manufacturers of the device, such as Bodum, but the one that allows the user a more refined brew is the Espro Press. The Espro P3’s filter contains very fine mesh to keep out stray grounds. I tried all of the various brewing methods. If you want the same taste that the Chambord offers for almost half the price, we recommend the Bodum Brazil. The P3’s glass beaker is considerably thicker and more insulating than every other glass press in our test group, and it will keep your coffee warmer than either of the Bodum models. While Watson confirmed that the study’s results were valid, she said there was not enough information to make any broad recommendations. Then you can straighten out the whole plunger and press down. We recommend grinding your own beans before each use to produce the best possible cup of coffee from your French press. It makes a great cup of coffee (google the ultimate french press technique by James Hoffmann)! I use the french press James Hoffmann technique to make my coffee and never had any issues. I bought fresh roasted Ethiopian coffee, which I ground to medium, at a ratio of 70 grams of coffee per liter of water. (The best option of all, but only useful to those whose water is in the range around ideal) Soft Water. The one problem we always had was the sludge. ... using my French press daily and dragging my feet to buy a pour over – until now. We’ve been testing coffee makers since 2015, and we think the OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker offers the best combination of convenient features and delicious coffee. While popular advice once recommended a coarse grind, short steep times, and a hard plunge, top coffee experts often take a different approach to French press brewing these days. The French press, also called the cafetiere or coffee press, is a cylinder-shaped beaker (usually glass, but often plastic or steel) with a plunger. Many stainless steel French presses advertise a heat-retaining double-wall construction, but we think this feature isn’t too important because you should pour pressed coffee out of the beaker as soon as you’ve plunged it. We were first turned onto this slower approach by Bryn Garrehy, who trained many baristas at Blue Bottle. Bryn … It makes a great cup of coffee (google the ultimate french press technique by James Hoffmann)! We concluded our test with a roundtable discussion of what we liked and didn’t like about each press. The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the best we’ve found after years of testing. I viewed numerous videos by James Hoffman on YouTube and I found I was curious about the selection and preparation of coffee. To all of you who have reached out, and you are not alone, I have one recommendation: consume everything on James Hoffmann… At the same time, its plastic handle feels cool to the touch and safe for pouring. For the panel, we upgraded to a more luxurious bean—Café Grumpy’s Mahiga, a single-origin roast from Nyeri, Kenya—which we ground in one of our former favorite burr grinders, the Baratza Virtuoso. For guidance, I spoke with Scott Carey, owner and roaster at Sump Coffee, a coffee shop in St. Louis. You first have to angle the plunger so that the filter fits beneath the handle. Then plunge all the way down slowly to avoid agitating the grounds. He has a number of pointers in this video, where he outlines the following tips and techniques. Now it’s your turn. This all-metal French press with a three-level filter features great impact resistance and high-quality beverage filtration. Glass presses will never be as sturdy as their stainless steel counterparts. The mesh plunger also has a silicone rim that’s meant to prevent scratching and reduce sediment. All Nespresso machines make identical drinks. Its simple design makes it easy enough to use for a quick morning cup. In our tests, this elegant-looking press was easy to clean and use, and we found that it made balanced, rich coffee with little muddiness. We tasted over 150 cups of coffee to find the best pour-over setup, from an easy-to-use dripper to a reliable coffee grinder and scale. The press has tiny feet that lift the hot glass beaker a half-inch off your counter and keep it from breaking if you put the press down too hard. But you won’t need to clean the inside of the plastic too often. Questions about drip machines. The Espro P3 also has a flat-top plunger handle for a comfortable plunge that fits well against your palm. An absolutely fantastic guide by coffee legend Tim Wendleboe. 1032T-PH. The Best Way to Use a French Press (according to me) Given that it is an immersion brewer, you’re going to want to start with slightly coarser coffee. My name is James Hoffmann, and for the most part I work in coffee. A French press is also compact, making it a good option for people without a great deal of counter space. These molecules can decrease LDL receptors, which are responsible for siphoning LDL cholesterol out of your body’s circulation. A French press can still make an amazing cup of coffee, and the ritual of making a cup with this still carries that analog satisfaction of years past, feeling positively vintage in the best way. Thankfully, no questions about K-Cups. It tasted absolutely incredible. Remineralise your water (cheap, but extra work) Bottled water (wasteful) If you want to read more about water: Water for Coffee (out of print for now, hard to get hold of - but excellent) The Water Quality Handbook The reason that I have watched his video so many times is that I keep coming back to it to get more information from him. In the video, he goes in depth on how to brew with his technique. Total brew time was 12 minutes altogether per my preference. First, consider your ratio of coffee to water. 24. Another way to reduce bitterness is to … To all of you who have reached out, and you are not alone, I have one recommendation: consume everything on James Hoffmann’s Youtube channel. Our tasters noted that its brew was not too muddy and highlighted many of the coffee’s tasting notes. Also featured in this video is the Kokekaffe brewing method which in theory is a very similar to plunged coffee. Most glass French presses are made of borosilicate, a type of glass made more resistant to thermal shock by the addition of boric oxide. And if you dislike the handle’s modern look, an older version of the Brazil comes in a more traditional design with a symmetrical handle, though this shape will bring your knuckles closer to the hot glass. Thankfully, no questions about K-Cups. But the exact relationship between unfiltered coffee and cholesterol is complex, and scientists still don’t fully understand it. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Unlike the French press, … The French Press has certainly a great potential to brew a delicious cup. $129.95 / View Details. This portion of the brew continues extracting as long as it sits in the beaker, but it’s too thick and sludgy to pass through the filter. We’ve started researching new models to test for an update to this guide. We recommend the Essenza Mini because it does the job without taking up much space and without unnecessary extras. With fuller-bodied darker roasts, you’ll get more flavor extraction, so a ratio of 1-to-16 or 1-to-17, or 58 grams for a 32-ounce pot, would suffice. … Curious and perhaps slightly obsessed. ? The Espro P3 filter’s flat-topped handle is comfortable to plunge. Five of those cups a day is equivalent to approximately two Starbucks tall coffees. This design helps Espro’s filter plunge as smoothly as Bodum’s while keeping even the finest grounds out of your coffee. It’s a minor irritation that doesn’t make using the press any more difficult but does add an extra few seconds to the process. The Chambord costs nearly twice as much as the Brazil, despite having the same internal plunging and filtering mechanism. Sump Coffee’s Scott Carey told us it’s easy to figure out a decent ratio of grounds to water by eyeballing the amounts you use in one brew and then adjusting those levels if you find the coffee to be too weak or too astringent. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The press should also be sturdy enough to handle daily plunging and cleaning with ease. We recommend the expensive Espro Press P7 as a beautiful gift or a durable choice for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their glass beaker breaking. We also saw few leftover grounds in the bottom of testers’ cups, thanks to a dual filtration system consisting of a fine mesh filter and a perforated steel plate. After testing 12 cheap coffee makers, we like the Mr. Coffee Easy Measure because it’s compact, simple to use, and makes a decent pot of coffee. The press works well with just about any style of coffee. Both the Secura and the Frieling had metal filters that made a harsh scraping noise as we moved them against their interior steel walls, whereas the Espro P7’s rubber-rimmed filter made for a lubricated, silent plunge. (110 grams, or twice the weight of the coffee). The two filters lock into each other so they stay together while plunging, but you can easily detach them when you clean the press. I’m not very good at talking about what I do for a living, so I hope this site offers some explanations. As Carey put it: “Sometimes the best-brewed cup of coffee is the one you’re able to execute well.”. Questions about grinders. The circumference of the P3’s plunger is rimmed with two rubber rings, which cling to the inside of the beaker to ensure a tight, silent seal. These cookies do not store any personal information.

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