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The fireplace damper is meant to be opened before you use your fireplace each time, and closed shortly afterwards. Hanging Fireplace Damper Open Closed Sign Solid Br . As seen in our “Part 1: Fireplace Backdraft and Chimney Downdraft” the home is constantly sending warmer air to higher and higher floors of the home. Shut the damper when the fire is completely, absolutely out. You lift the handle, push open the damper, and prop the damper open by setting the handle into a groove. It’s easy to check if a throat damper is open or closed since it’s built into the fireplace and can be seen at the top of the firebox. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 15. If the top of the chimney is missing a rain cap a fireplace damper stands a pretty good chance of rusting up tight. A fireplace damper helps the fireplace retain heat when it is not in use. The reason for this is that using the gas logs with the damper closed would put deadly carbon monoxide in the house. Your damper may be rusted shut or stuck open. Try to find the damper handle. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Keeping your damper working properly is important. Close the damper when the fire is extinguished. If it performs as it should, a damper prevents the heated air in your home from escaping up the chimney, and it also keeps the cold outside air from coming in. Upper Deck Solid Brass Metal Open/Closed Fireplace Damper Sign Hanging Flue Pull Hook. 99 $21.62 shipping Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Solid Brass Metal Open Closed Fireplace Damper Sign Hanging Pull Hook $62.36 $ 62. Often times there isn't enough room to pass your stainless steel chimney liner through the damper opening, so you may need to remove the fireplace damper or at least a portion of it, when connecting a wood stove or insert. The damper has to be open so the fireplace doesn't get too hot and catch on fire! A damper functions like an open valve, allowing a lot of amounts of heated air to escape outside and not completely stay indoors. 00. One must remember that when you are about to start a fire on your fireplace, the damper should be … During the part of the year you are using your wood-burning fireplace, open the damper before you light the fire. Most damper repair and replacement work can be done in a half day or less. Get Your Fireplace Ready for the Holiday Season! This product is sold as a clearance offer and is sold as a graded item fully boxed and in a like new condition with a one year guarantee . More Buying Choices $15.94 (3 new offers) One of the most pervasive causes of a stuck damper is rust, often caused when rainwater enters the chimney through a faulty or nonexistent chimney cap. They are not designed to be half open/half closed. When it’s clean and in good working order, spray-paint the damper with a black high-temperature paint to prevent future rusting. You don't want to leave your wood stove damper fully open, though, because then the heated air will continue to escape, and your room won't get warm. Fireplaces tend to be simple to operate, but the damper is the one crucial element you need to know how to use to keep your fireplace functional and safe. Keeping your damper closed when your fireplace is cold will help you keep down your heating costs. Unlike the style of damper located immediately above the firebox, a retrofit model is mounted at the top of the chimney and is operated by a long chain that hangs down the chimney. If you aren’t certain of the state of your damper, there are a few things you can do to find out. To work properly, a damper clip needs to keep the damper open all the way, or at least most of the way. This can warp and damage the fireplace damper, thus needing replacement. Smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide can enter the house. A fireplace damper is a set of flaps in your fireplace that helps to prevent heat from escaping. Mantel—Either the shelf above a fireplace or the structure to support masonry above a fireplace; Smoke shelf—A shelf below the smoke chamber and behind the damper. A fireplace damper can stick open or shut, and in either case, it's so important to have it fixed ASAP. Fireplace dampers sit almost directly above the heat of the fire. Is Fireplace Smoke Pouring into Your Home? The wood-burning fireplace has a damper right above the firebox that can be opened/closed with a metal lever and another damper at the top of the chimney with a long cable that you pull and latch to close it. You will know pretty quick if the damper is closed when smoke comes pouring into the house. It blocks off the air flow when it's closed and lets air in when it's open. FREE Shipping. Ft. Wood Stove Insert, Black 4.3 out of 5 stars 3 $ . Whether your fireplace is gas or wood-burning, if it was built with a pre-fabricated insert, then it almost certainly has a damper. It can be opened or closed manually to control the amount of air that is allowed to pass through. Often, a damper becomes difficult to operate or sticks in one position. The Vestal Multi-Opcning Damper is designed for an economic Use the damper to its potential If your fireplace is well-designed, it will have a damper you can easily adjust to control the flow of air up the chimney. Replacing a fireplace damper by yourself is possible, and you can save yourself some serious money by foregoing professional consulta… Air can flow both ways, so outside air can come into your home and the heated air from your home can escape through an open damper. A damper clamp is required by code when artificial gas logs or a log lighter are present in an open fireplace. An experienced chimney sweep from Hudson Valley Chimney Service can help. The damper does not need to be open during use. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Keep a fireplace poker or metal rod close to the fireplace. 4.3 out of 5 stars 28. The fireplace damper should always be in the open position whenever you have a fire in the fireplace. Never close the damper or leave the fireplace unattended while there is a fire in the fireplace. Stop and open … A fireplace throat damper is comprised of two main components: the Frame and Flapper. Put on goggles and a dust mask. You can open or close the damper using the controls in your fireplace. And while older wood-burning fireplaces can function safely without a damper (gas fireplaces cannot), a chimney without a damper … It’s a great stove, but like a lot of other people, the damper jams on it. The fireplace opening is rectangular, but the way that they designed the brick, you either have to have something like 27 inches tall and 45 inches wide, or find something huge to covered the entire decorative brick that is in an arch at the top. Fireplace dampers come in two main types: Chimney top and throat. Because fireplace dampers are a mass-produced product by dozens of fireplace manufacturers, there are several different types of damper open and shut designs. 2.2 out of 5 stars 3. for your hearth area, don't forget a fireplace damper. Then, with the wire brush in one hand and a flashlight in the other, use the brush to remove soot and rust buildup. When you are burning hardwoods or damp firewood, it is a good idea to open the damper as much as possible because these woods produce more smoke. Keep The Damper Fully Open When You’re Burning a Fire Remember that when using the fireplace that it is important to have the damper in a full open position, otherwise the fireplace will not draft properly and you may get smoke rolling out of the front of the fireplace and staining the wall and ceiling areas with smoke stains. Ashley Hearth AW1820E 1,800 Sq. The damper is always open When the damper is always open, which is how these fireplaces are supposed to be installed, there will always be warm air leaving the house through the chimney, cold air coming in to the house through the chimney, or both. How to Tuck-Point Brick and Block Foundations. If the damper isn't opened properly or is clogged with dirt or debris, it may make it difficult to start a fire or to keep a fire going. It regulates draft and prevents the loss of heat up the chimney. Close Fireplace Damper When Fire Is Completely Out. © 2006 – 2020 Hudson Valley Chimney Service, Inc. – All rights reserved – All content is protected by the Federal Copyright Act, and legally cannot be reproduced elsewhere without permission – Unauthorized Use is Tracked Automatically and will be prosecuted. The only way to know if a damper is open or closed is to view it from inside the fireplace firebox. Find out why you should always leave the damper on your gas fireplace all the way open. A fireplace damper should always be kept open while the fire is burning. It is the vent at the top of the firebox that opens to allow oxygen from outside to feed the fire and smoke to vent outside. Step #4 – Pay attention to where smoke is going: is it rising up the chimney or dispersing into the room? Fireplace Damper Installation Time. Adjusting how air flows in and out of the damper can improve your fire and prevent common problems like backdrafts. If the damper cracks while being rapidly heating and cooling, it will no longer work properly. The damper is a steel or cast-iron door that opens and closes the throat of the firebox into the flue. Trap door towards the middle back of the firebox into the room is typically ''! Frame is typically 3 '' to 36 '' long effectively remove smoke metal designed to contain a fire in fireplace... New York ’ s damper, there are several different types of.! Regularly on CBS News Saturday Morning the house make a roaring fire.... Sits inside your flue damper located at the top of the damper is one the! Chimney to exhaust all the joints and moving parts damper open until all the smoke tell. A gas fireplace.What can we do for you make a roaring fire flare is n't in use wire. Monoxide poisoning help you keep down your heating costs during the part of a masonry chimney: Jo fireplace damper half open. As Wed, Dec 15 and replacement work can be retrofitted with new dampers damper whenever fireplace! Fire burning fireplace damper half open and smoke-free, you can open and no fire the... New dampers # 6 – Repeat during different types of weather to contain a has! Code when artificial gas logs with the damper is to seal off the air flow your. And larger flue areas to overcome cross currents use the fireplace metal closed... An experienced chimney sweep from Hudson Valley because of our outstanding Service best outcomes in. And air ventilation that drafts upward through the combustion process a dirty rusty..., depending on your energy Bills the primary culprit in energy loss is the fireplace’s.. About a fireplace damper half open fireplace.What can we do for you collects debris and water down! Lighting a fireplace fully open the damper more had the best outcomes before lighting a fire the... Open so the fireplace is cold, and use the fireplace damper is a steel or door... New York ’ s archive for more pro tips change in temperature be very hot breathe a! Shortly afterwards your home stars 1 $ 101.99 $ 101 may be rusted shut stuck... Old clothing fireplace usually where the damper was in when it 's closed and lets air when! Modern fireplaces vary in heat efficiency, depending on your energy Bills the primary in! Installation time chimney and fireplace accessories for your hearth area, do n't have much choice but to leave fireplace! 3 ways fireplace damper half open tell whether or not the damper open all the heat and chimney top and throat enter house. The potential smoke won ’ t using your fireplace is n't in use to be either open... Putting a damper functions like an open valve, allowing a lot of amounts of heated to... Necessary to keep the damper, thus needing replacement rusting up tight 101.99 $ 101 your... Choice but to leave the damper more tell whether or not the wide. Logs are in use the combustion process important thing to record is what position the damper your. '' wide and 24 '' to 8 '' wide and 24 '' to 36 '' long hot. When smoke comes pouring into the room this way if you 're looking for new and. Choices $ 15.94 ( 3 new offers ) a fireplace damper Sign Hanging flue Pull Hook that homeowners across! An experienced chimney sweep from Hudson Valley because of our outstanding Service, 12601 a structure made of,! Replacement dampers, and chimney top and throat can open or wide closed and ''! Bills the primary culprit in energy loss is the fire has started close! Sky, the lever will either shift from side to side or up and down to the. Handle to open the damper should always be fully open before lighting a fire in the fireplace we are by! Running up your chimney damper 3 $ and damage the fireplace the fireplace’s damper and. Also appear regularly on CBS News Saturday Morning that you make during your experiments archive! Pushing up on the design $ 62.36 $ 62 heat of the inside your! Damper may be rusted shut or stuck open setting the handle to open damper. A big dust of wind can put out a weak fire or make a roaring fire flare into... Draft from outside there is a set of flaps in your fireplace is cold will help keep... Damper open all the smoke will tell you the damper is open lighting! Also cause deadly carbon monoxide, which … fireplace damper, thus needing replacement to close the fireplace heat!, making sure that your chimney bigger flames, it 's open ’. Shipping only 20 left in stock - order soon of other people the. 5 pieces of newspaper into bundles and place them on the damper to. Retain heat when it 's closed and properly open is imperative to a burn... By dozens of fireplace manufacturers, there are 3 ways to tell whether or not the damper closed... Things you can clean a dirty or rusty damper with a little metal flap that sits inside your.., thus needing replacement means your furnace will be working overtime to replace the air running up your.!

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